Stop Negative Chatter With A Good Report

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Welcome to week 5 of Whimsical Wednesdays- How to Stop Negative Inside Chatter. You’ve arrived as we are learning how to stop negative internal chatter and replace that negativity with Paul’s to-think list from Phil. 4:8 week by week. This week on our to-think list: things that have a good report.


Hmmm. Being intentional about our thought lives is a critical element to crushing negative internal chatter. And Paul says we’re supposed to think on things of “good report.”  In the ESV, the translation uses the word “commendable.” Because I’m a word freak, I love researching the various translations and words to help me understand the meaning of the original language. When I drilled down into the meaning of a “good report,” the definition discovered was “things spoken in a kindly spirit, with good-will to others.

Today I was reading Suzanne Eller’s “The Unburdened Heart” and in chapter 9, You Get Over the Little Stuff, she says:

Funny how we can hang on to one slip of the tongue for so long.

You see, you, me, we take that one negative sentence someone said and in our minds, we replay it over and over again.  Pretty soon, the significance of the statement resonates with magnetic power and our thoughts appear to be on steroids over one.teeny.tiny.statement in a sea of good reports.

That college teacher who gave a B when it should have been an A. Even though that was the only B received the entire year.

The girl who remarked that the dessert you made for the tea could have been better if you had added more sugar. Though 40 other people complimented its beauty and delight.

The co-worker who felt you could have improved your presentation if you’d only spent a few more minutes tweaking it. But the boss knew you deserved the promotion as a result of that very presentation.

Treat that one.teeny.tiny negative statement in a sea of good reports as the speck of sand that it is.

I believe Paul is telling me to take allllll the book reviews on Amazon and focus on the positive ones. And use alllll the sweet emails from readers to fan the flame of the love of writing. And place allll those kind words received in social media messages on the replay button of my mind. The things spoken in a kindly spirit, with good-will. That’s one of the translations for me, and now:

What does this mean for you?

Maybe it means remembering why you married your husband when his words got a bit jumbled.

Perhaps it means focusing on that one positive action from your child for the day.

Or it could mean reflecting on the sweet smile of the cashier before she spilled your coffee this morning. Or the time God gave you to pray while you waited in traffic for forty-five minutes. Or how much time your pastor put in to prepare his sermon.

Bloggers, love to have you link up any encouraging post this week!

What good reports do you have to think on? Go ahead, I’m giving you permission to brag about the sweet gifts of words God has given to you, about you, from others!



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See you tomorrow!



  1. Rachel, my example of a good report is that before I even left for work this morning, I was told that it was my fault that he was out of work and yesterday that this my dismissal by silence when he is drinking is my fault…I had read the Proverbs31 daily devotion about overlooking an offense, cheered myself right back up and headed out the door. I thanked God for another timely devotion, but deep inside I was still angry and sad. We went on a field trip to the movies today and one of the little girls with autism was screaming and crying. I immediately went to see if that teacher needed support. I knelt down and gently stroked her arm, speaking to her with my touch, she melted in my arms still carrying on but after 20 minutes she began to settle. I held her cradled in my arms. She stopped crying…in the dark of the movie theatre, I thanked the Lord for what I guess now I might call a good report and as she snuggled in for the movie, I began to cry. With her clapping and smiling at me, she let me know I was ok too! The negative comments of one are far outweighed by the smiles of the little ones…and the compliments from other teachers and staff about the “way” I have in teaching our children and how often I support other staff as well as students. I always reply, give all praise and glory to our Lord…it is through Him that I am who I am and do what I do! Thank you Rachel! I needed this time to reflect on the day! Before my head hits the pillow. God bless!

    1. oh what a beautiful, beautiful good report! Thank you for sharing, Mary. You know it is close to my heart.

  2. Great post Rachel! Negative chatter can be SO distracting and destructive. I’m in the category of those who focus on the one negative comment in a sea of compliments. Human nature, right?! Love the thought of dwelling on “things spoken in a kindly spirit, with good-will to others.” With God’s help, I’ll practice this today. God bless you and your ministry!

    1. Bless you, Maria. It is so destructive, isn’t it? Always easier to preach it than practice it- at least for me. 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

  3. Negative chatter from the outside is terrible – negative chatter on the inside is worse. It’s interesting to me how the enemy uses this negative chatter, inflames it, and places it deep inside our spirits. He loves using anything that diminishes us and makes us ineffective.

    So, we must also battle against these negative words that lead to negative thoughts! I so appreciate Paul’s words, and I appreciate your writing about this!

    A good report lately? The comments that people leave on my blog never cease to encourage and bless me. I’m so grateful for them. I hope I pass on the JOY!


  4. Your words once again are so true! I have carried one word with me since elementary school that was said to me when taking swim lessons. Letting go should be easy but if I still think about it I have not been successful. Looking at the positive, I was blessed with the most beautiful words earlier this summer when a friend asked me how I had been able to get through some hard times. She had noticed that my faith seemed to be getting me through and she asked how that worked since her faith was wavering. This was the first time that someone had noticed God working in me and had verbally affirmed it. Wow!
    As always thank you for this series on negative internal chatter. It is timely and beneficial. Have a beautiful day!

    1. YAY- I see God working in you too!! 🙂 🙂 I just love that. Hope you had a fab day, Mary!

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