5 Back to School Prayers

Today I’m sharing a roundup of back to school prayers. If there is one thing I find myself doing more of during this back to school time of year, it is praying for my kids. And our family. ┬áAnd myself. And their teachers. And the bus drivers….and…and…and. ­čÖé I know you get it.


back to school prayers

So here we go:


1. A Prayer for Back to School

I wrote this prayer last year and it has been well-loved on Pinterest. You are welcome to print out the graphic or share the graphic on your blog or Facebook page.



school day prayers

2. School Day Prayers

My awesome friends at Tommy Nelson are offering this fabulous printable of School Day Prayers with Bible verses to pray over your children. Love this!

3. Back to School Prayer Tool

The Back to School Prayer Tool really could be used any time of the year. The tool takes the 8 colors of a standard coloring box and uses them as reminders of prayer needs.

4. 31 Days of Prayer for your Children

I really loved this free printable prayer calendar I found on Carrie Austin’s site. An entire month guide of praying for your child! This would be so easy to slip into your phone reminders and you could even continue the pattern of prayer each month.


5. Prayer by Color Bookmark

After the Back to School prayer tool was well-received, I created this prayer bookmark last year for using as a reminder of how to pray using this method. If you click here, you’ll find a .pdf of 6 bookmarks to print and share with your prayer group, mom’s group, etc.



I’d love it if you would share your prayer ideas for this back to school season. If you’ve written a post on your blog for this topic, feel free to leave your link so we can all take a peek!

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Thanks, Rachel! Perfect timing since school started today for me. I love the prayer you wrote and the Back to School Prayer tool. I have referenced those before. I also saw the ABCs of praying for students which reminds me of the calendar idea you linked to. There is a word such as “attitude or boldness” and the Bible verse for each. Hope your kids have a wonderful school year.

  2. Thanks for the support in this area, Rachel. When my oldest son transitioned from Christian school to public school for first grade, I began a Moms in Touch International (now Moms in Prayer International) prayer group to cover our children (and us) with prayer. It was just what I (and he) needed.

  3. I love love LOVE praying over my children!!
    As I read several “back to school prayers” to pray over our children, I think….”Our children need to pray over themselves, peers and teachers too!” ­čÖé

    When my children were in school, I’d drive them to school. Every morning I’d have each of the children take turns praying for their days. They knew better than anyone the things they faced every day when they walked into those buildings. They’d often bring up things during that time that they didn’t talk about in regular conversation.

    Even if parents put their children on the bus each morning, 30 seconds of them praying could do wonders for their day! They’re accountable to that prayer during that day.

  4. Thank you Rachel, this is perfect timing, my son started school yesterday for the first time. He did well, but I sure could use a little help to cover all of my bases/his bases/teacher’s bases. Blessings, Joanne

    1. Blessings to you, Friend. I understand that queasy feeling and pray the Lor’d pours his peace over you.

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