A Prayer for Back to School

Ugh. Oh my. Back to school? I do not feel prepared to even think about it- much less shop and prepare for it!

But there is one thing I typically begin doing, even before now.

The one thing that saves me from going crazy over whether or not our schooling decisions are the right ones for the year.

The one thing that keeps me from obsessing over whether or not the shoes will last for more than one season.

Or whether I should have bought the mechanical style pencils or not.

That one thing…. is to pray.

So I pass on my prayer for back to school to you.

And together, we can give it to God-

this future school year with its ups and downs, curves and flatlines, valleys and mountains.

A Prayer for Back to School

Dear Father,

In a season of life when parenting decisionsfa

seem to loom larger than life itself,

we humbly ask for your guidance.

While the shoes still smell new…

and the pencils point crisply,

our hearts sense the need

for a stronger connection with your love

and a deeper reliance on your grace.

Would You help us to remember that

You know every thought we have as a parent?

Would You remind us that the feeling of having

our hearts walk around outside our bodies

is one You are ever so familiar with?

And would You provide the wisdom from above

as we walk this new ground for a new school year?

We praise Your name for doing so.



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