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It’s that “s” word again. I know. I brought it up earlier in the week and it just keeps creeping closer. Forcing this mama’s heart to consider the preparation and transition of …dun,dun,dunnnn.

Back to school.

My friend was over with her little ones today. One of the things we discussed is how cool it is to receive affirmation from the Lord about something you’ve said or done through the words someone else says to you. His use of the other people’s words makes your heart happy because you know you’ve followed what He’s asked you to do. I love when He gives you that gift of affirmation- it’s just beautiful!

So this project is special to me because I was already thinking about it when I received an email from an awesome reader that said:

Do you have any prayers written for back to school? Praying for children (safety and learning), the schools (teachers, administrators)? A few of us moms are organizing a prayer walk around our schools in a few weeks, if you had something that we could springboard from, we would appreciate it.
If not, could you pray for us as we try to gather moms for this prayer time? Thanks!!

You may have seen the Prayer for Back to School earlier this week that I posted, but today I wanted to give you this Back To School Prayer Tool. Now, I know the post is called “back to school,” but really, you can use this cool tool to pray for your kiddos, anytime, anywhere, no matter what. But for our purposes this month, I wanted it to be something we could use to focus our prayers for the season.

The Back to School Prayer Tool uses the basic eight colors in a crayon box to focus prayer thoughts for the school season.


Pray for the safety of all during the school day. Whether you teach your children in a homeschool setting or send them to private school or they attend public school, safety and protection from the Lord are needed.  You could also use red to remember any “warning” areas you want to remember for your specific child. For bullying issues. For peer pressure problems, etc.


Pray for social communication and attitudes. Children encounter all types of personalities from the crosswalk guard to the bus driver. No matter the school setting, attitudes can make or break the day.


Pray for the intellectual and emotional stability of your child. Learning is difficult if you can’t focus or don’t feel well mentally. Pray for your child to remember that God is always with them and never leaves them. Pray for your child to feel the strength of God in them throughout the day as they study and learn.


Pray for your child’s growth- that the school year would be a steady stream of growth throughout the year. That God would keep their learning atmosphere balanced in order to promote growth.


Ask God to give your child a sense of peace no matter where they are in their day. That their spirit would feel free and loved in Him and that peace would radiate to others. That their environments would be peaceful and conducive to learning.


Thank God for your child’s imagination and ask Him to use people to channel that creativity. Ask Him to bless your child’s mind and talents and believe that He will funnel your child into the exact fields of expertise and education in which they should be. Ask for God to bless your child’s teachers with creative ways and imaginative hearts.


Brown is a down-to-earth color and often signifies work. Ask God to give your child a strong work ethic as you work to model and instill character. Pray that everyone involved in caring for your child or teaching your child would be a hard worker- whether others or yourself.


Pray for God to keep your child from becoming confused or insecure in this present world of darkness. Ask the Lord to keep your mind clear as a homeschool parent when you teach. Pray for your child’s teachers and administration that God would guide them towards wise choices in the classroom and provide clarity for focusing on their positions. Pray for the Lord to reign because He is not a god of confusion.

Alright friends! That’s the back to school prayer tool- I hope you love it and use it. I’ve already began. 🙂

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What suggestions do you have to add to the back to school prayer tool?  I love to read your color assessments and how our memory can relate to them as  a reminder to pray!



  1. I found this through Pintrest and will be sharing with my preschool families at openhouse night. I made a little sheet with crayons at the top and the words: “For this child I have prayed”. The plan is to pray and color each crayon for each child before giving the papers to the parents and encouraging them to continue the prayers for their own child. I just thought it would be a great way for me to pray over each child before the year started!

    As one of the other posters mentioned, I also wanted to add white and pray for the kids to learn to love God and follow Jesus! Thank you so much for the ideas!!

    1. That is so awesome, Amy!! Would you want to share your sheet with us? You can email it to me!

  2. I stumbled upon your “Back to School” prayer tool. I love it! I’m hosting a “Back to School” prayer night for our youth, and I will be passing out these as a reminder to our parents. Thank you!

    1. aww! Bruni, that is so awesome. Thank you for sharing with me! If you get the chance, will you send me a pic?

  3. Hi Rachel,

    I am very, very far behind now in the reading. I am still reading and following the blog posts and reading as much as I am able. I find the Lord uses your blog to speak to me very, very often and enjoy it.

    I really like the color coordination of the areas of prayer. When I was very involved with Child Evangelism Fellowship, we had the wordless book and we also gave the children the bracelets as reminders. Using the wordless book, the color white was used to signify in the story receiving Christ.

    I know you are using the basic eight colors, but I would add the color White to your list to also remind our children to choose to follow Jesus’ way of doing things, such as being kind to other people, to obey their teachers, to have believers positively influence our children, we as parents be a good example to our children, etc.



    1. oh, I love that thought of using white!! Do not worry about where you are in the reading. The point is to help us stay in God’s Word each day, no matter if it’s a chapter or a verse. Many blessings to you, Joanne!

  4. Love the tools Rachel! And I am over the moon that we are now in-real-life friends. God wove our stories together long ago and I can’t wait to see what he has planned for us both!!


    1. thank you Friend! God’s divine orchestration just waiting to be played out. 🙂 Much loe.

  5. Rachel,

    I “found” you well into the bible reading challenge but have absolutely been moved by the Holy Spirit through your ministry!

    1. Oh Wendy! Thank you for your kindness and comment. God is good and gracious. Blessings to you!

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