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Hey there! We’re headed into the holiday season and I know everyone is super busy! Be sure not to miss the great giveaways that are currently still running:

the AWESOME $1000 giveaway from FaithWorks Financial


this AWESOME (I know, I need to discover more adjectives…)giveaway of the newly released Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore- a prayer devotional.

Bible Challenge Readers, I’m so proud of you for sticking it out and continuing to read NO MATTER where you are in the Bible reading. If you read through your Bible this year, fantastic!! If you didn’t, it’s still fantastic!

From today through the last of the year, the Bible Challenge graphics will be at the end of the post instead of at the beginning. The blog is getting a much-needed makeover and for structural sake, posting the graphic at the end of the post is needed. For next year, we have an image that will be in the sidebar close to the top of the site instead of within the daily post. More about next year’s Bible Reading Challenge after Christmas!

Today is the Reader’s Choice Awards for! The top 12 posts of the year are listed in order.  (and a bonus) Drumroll please…..

13. Prayer Journal Printables

12. 7 Creative Ways to Saturate Your Life With Scripture

11. 7 Ways to Praise Your Children for 7 Days

10. 16 Bible Verse for When You Are Exhausted

9. 5 Ways to Keep a Prayer Journal

8. Devotional Apps that Make You Sip Your Latte Longer

7. 4 Fabulous Bible Apps I Recommend

6. Women’s Bible Studies by Book of the Bible

5. 5 Fantastic Bible Studies I Recommend

4. Rachel’s Story I know this is a page and not a post, but you guys sure gave it the love this year! Thank you. I can’t tell you how good God is and how much He shows His love to me through all of you who read and hang out at this cyber corner.

3. 7 Ways to Praise Your Husband for 7 Days

2. 5 Totally Awesome Bible Apps for Kids

1. 12 Bible Verses for When You Feel Like Giving Up

God sure has unfolded some crazy blessings this year. I’m so privileged that you come by to share in His love! Some of your favorite posts may not be included in the list above because they haven’t had enough time to float as far as the earlier posts of the year. The list above does not include the prayer poems- thank you for the Pinterest love you give the simple prayers I write.

I’m so pleased to let you know that finally, finally I’m giving you all a Christmas present! We are getting a site makeover- can I get a woohoo?

Because of this, the site will be down for maintenance some of the day, Friday, Dec. 20, 2013. Please, please, pretty please, promise me you’ll come by over the weekend to check out the new digs?? I’ve waited a long time to correct my hillbilly blog ways for you guys and I can’t wait to get your feedback!

In the mean time- have a super day!







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  1. Of course I’ll check out your new site, it’s a given! 🙂 But, I’ve never considered your site hillbilly, just lovely.



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