7 Creative Ways to Saturate Your Life With Scripture

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A couple weeks ago, a friend and I were discussing that the way to keep God’s Word close to our hearts is to saturate our lives with it. One sure fire way of getting it into your life each day is reading it! But I think we can get creative with the ways we read it that will help us memorize it and put it to practice. So today I have a  list of 7 ways to saturate your life with scripture! 🙂 In no particular order, here we go:

ways to saturate scripture

1. Read the Bible.

Whether you read 1 verse or 4 chapters doesn’t matter. It’s quality over quantity. Whether you like paper or an app or email reminders, there are all sorts of ways to prompt yourself to read. Join us in the Bible Reading Challenge!

2. Use Scripture art in your home.

Got a family verse? Make it into a poster! Or buy a piece of art that really captures your family. I know a wonderful artist, Rachel Anne Ridge, who forms marvelous Scripture art. You must go visit her! But wait until you read through to the bottom of this list. 😉

Also, vinyal wall decals are a very inexpensive way to use Scripture art. Here is an example of one I love by DesignTree.

3. Place Scripture where you need to be reminded of it in action.

Does washing dishes make you grumpy? (Sometimes it does for me!) Then post your much-needed verse or verses right where you can see them. The photo above is a link to a neat little frame that allows you to write your verses in and rewrite new ones as needed. I think it is a bit pricey-but you could easily do this at home with an old frame without the rewriting trick. Just create a new one and slip it in the frame when you’re ready.

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. I Cor. 10:31




4. Have a flexible method of reading that you can use during “waiting times.”

You know, those times you are waiting in a parent pickup line for the kiddos.  Or sitting in the doctor’s office. I used to use a keyring and index cards. Now I use my Bible app bookmarks.

Bible verses to fight anxiety







5. Use Scripture cards for a specific topic you are battling. 

When I wrote about anxiety and worry not long ago, the topic was resonating strongly with readers. So we have an eight verse printable that gives you individual cards to kick anxiety to the curb. You can click on the graphic above for the full 8 verse .pdf.

Scripture cake from grateful prayer thankful heart blog







6. Make a Scripture cake.

Alright, I know this one is a bit of a stretch. But I was rummaging around in cookbooks the other day and came across an old church cookbook with a recipe for “Scripture Cake” in it. This recipe here looks very similar- essentially you look up the Scriptures to figure out your ingredients before you start mixing. GREAT activity to do with the kids and I might just try it soon! Though the boys have nut allergies and I have a feeling there were no substitutes in the Bible for almonds. 😉

7. Listen to Scripture music.

We have an old 3CD set that I keep in the van for the kids. I found that it is still available here. All three CDs have Bible verses to sing along with. I have to say that my older kids are not as crazy about the style of music, but my 4 yr old and 2 yr old love it.

Also, Focus on the Family has a Scripture CD titled “The Singing Bible.” I couldn’t find a audio sample to listen to, but you could check it out or maybe one of our readers will be familiar with it and comment? 🙂

And then 3 years ago, Seeds Family Worship produced a WONDERFUL way to learn Scripture and worship the Lord through contemporary music.Seeds of Courage
CD’s AND MP3’s available. You can also listen online here.

One of the easiest methods of memorizing Scripture is through music!

Alright, what you can add to my list? I’d love to see some more creative ways to get God’s truth into our lives!







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  1. We own The Singing Bible by Focus on the Family. I have an 8 yr old son and 6 yr old daughter. We have enjoyed it for about 3 yrs now. Great for the car. Also own Seeds Family Worship and LOVE those. Would choose SEEDS over Singing Bible but both are great and completely different.

  2. Hi Rachel,
    I love to write verses that really speak to me during my Bible reading time on sticky-backed index cards and stick them in different places around the house where I’ll see them often, such as the bathroom mirror. I also have set a daily morning reminder on my phone to pop up with a Bible verse that speaks encouragement to me. Right now I’m using Isaiah 26:3, which says “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in Thee.”

  3. One thing that has helped me process what I’m reading daily is, talking about it. Whenever something hits me strongly or confuses me or makes perfect sense to me, I talk it over with my husband or my mom and it just kind of locks it into my heart and mind or it begins to make sense to me after talking about it. So that, to me, is a way of saturating your life, talk about what you’re reading to someone. It helps to sort and understand the reading.

  4. You could use an old frame (with glass front) and a dry erase marker to write your scripture on and then change it whenever you want. I might try this with scriptures to memorize and put it somewhere in the kitchen where I can work on memorizing while I cook dinner. Thanks for the ideas-I just found this site and am getting some real encouragement from it.

  5. Not sure if it is just me, but I’m having problems with lots of your links today….both the Seeds links, as well as the link for “Desperate” (which I bought, thank you!). Just thought I’d pass that on so you could check those links. Thank you 🙂

  6. I love to use Scripture Typer for memorizing verses. If I type a bit first thing in the morning it tends to stay with me throughout the day. It is a website and an app for ease of use.

    1. Thanks Diana! I have another post about memory resources and Scripture Typer was mentioned as a tool for memorizing. Thanks for mentioning it again! Great resource!

  7. Rhonda Johnson says:

    My kids (sons ages 4 and 18 months) and I love Seeds Family Worship cds. Or I love them and they don’t have a choice but to listen along with me! I try to set the tone of our day by listening in the morning as we get around and have breakfast. Sometimes we take a break in our day for a little Scripture music and dancing around the kitchen or I find the music is a great pick-me-up while I’m fixing a meal. We also have several Steve Green “Hide ’em In Your Heart” cds that we enjoy. And we’ve also been trying to memorize/recite Scripture while we drive/ride in the car.

    1. awesome! And thanks for mentioning Steve Green’s cd’s. I couldn’t think of them at all when I was writing the post. 🙂 Enjoy!

  8. Heather P says:

    There are children’s videos like “Bible Songs” which have not only scripture songs, but songs kids love to sing. Especially my 13 year old DS girl.

  9. Rachel, thanks for these! My two favorite ways are 1) Read Scripture at the breakfast and dinner table. Our family has used Daily Light on the Daily Path for some time and I can’t tell you how it has blessed our lives. And 2) I use the good old fashioned “Bread of Life” scripture card holder. The verses are in KJV, which is actually nice as it gives a different flavor than our other readings and throughout the day, I go by the table and pull one to allow the Lord to speak to me. Love it! He convicts, He makes me laugh, He encourages… all through this one simple tool. Thanks for encouraging us as we seek to saturate our minds with Him!

    1. oh I need to dig out my Bread of Life box!! I forgot about it; when the kids were young, we had a fight over it once (yes, totally spiritual fight over who got to read the verse. yikes.) anyhoo, the fighting has passed and I should get it back out. :)Thanks Girl!

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