Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

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Welcome to our Monday Bible Reading Challenge Check-in! I hope you had a great week and you’re still reading the Bible on a daily basis. Each week, we hold one another accountable to our Bible reading plans, whether you are participating in the Read Your Bible through in a year plan with me, or you have your own Bible reading plan going on. The point of checking in once a week is to encourage one another to read God’s Word daily.

I’m still reading along and hope to finish reading the Bible through this year. Last week was a good week until Thursday night when I got a bit behind. But I hope to catch up quickly.

How’s your reading going? I’d love to hear from you today. Just leave us a little note in the comments to check in and maybe add a comment about your thoughts for next year’s plan. You can read a few thoughts on that topic from another recent week’s Bible reading challenge check-in.

Have a marvelous Monday and don’t miss the post directly following this one that includes a GREAT giveaway, especially if you are the parent of a teenager!


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  1. I am so far behind right now. Life has taking me on a ride I rather get off of. m hubby has been laid off these past two weeks. We had our electric shut off. just can’t pay the bill with him not working. well in this endeavor we borrowed a generator from our Pastor and in this I think we have fried our refrigerator. It’s not as cold as it once was. I don’t know what he was thinking but he tried to plug the TV, DVD player and the router up and they all popped and smoke started to fill the air. So at this point we have no internet, no tv, dvd, and electric. Thanks to my great mother in law she paid the bill and we got our electric back. No internet for 4 days. and in this my son turns out has Hand, foot and mouth disease…. Life has taking me and I want a calmer life. A fresh start. we got our internet back last night and I went through my bible plans on youversion and shifted the dates and so we start again from where I left off. I pray my hubby’s job either gets back on track or God puts another job in his path. I can’t live like this with 8 kids.

    1. Prayers going up for you, Amy!!! Goodness, it sounds like you sure are having a hard time. Jesus, please be with Amy today and reassure her of your presence in the sweetest way, as only you can do.

  2. Kelechi B says:

    Are you still sending the pins for each bible reading day on Pinterest? I think I’ve been missing a lot of them! Thanks for keeping us accountable. These readings have been very helpful!

    1. I need to get the Pinterest board caught up. So sorry! I got behind and now it is a little project. Hoping to get it done this week.

  3. Linda in Maryville says:

    I am so behind! It started when I went home to help my dad. I will have to do some double duty days to catch up. I want to finish all of it by the end of the year. God has blessed my readings tremendously this year. I am grateful.

    1. Sigisbertha Bernard says:

      I had just finished the first book, Am praying to God to give me strength to finish the whole bible this time cause in the past i could not i remained behind.

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