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daily Bible reading plans

Today I am providing links for the Daily Bible Reading Plan we will use in the 2014 Bible Reading Challenge. I’ve almost completed the details for the 2014 Challenge, but for today we’re sharing multiple daily Bible Reading Plans options.

1. The printable M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan is up first. We will use this plan once more for the challenge and if a printable plan is your choice, you can download the pdf HERE.

2. The children’s printable daily Bible reading plan for the gospel of John is an awesome short term reading plan. This plan is a 6 week daily Bible reading plan designed originally for children but anyone can use it! Download HERE.

3. The children’s printable daily Bible reading plan for the gospel of Matthew is HERE.

4. Bible Gateway has several Bible reading plan options for receiving via daily email right HERE.

5. Bible Gateway also has several Bible reading plans available in the app which you can download HERE.

6. My personal daily Bible Reading plan is within the Olive Tree Bible Study App. Various options are available via the app. The printable Bible reading plans mentioned in points 1 and 2 above are available within this app for simple tracking and check off.

Do you have a favorite Bible reading plan or method you love? Could you share it with us in the comments?


Be sure to check out the printables page for the ALL printable Bible reading plans!

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  1. I’m a little confused. Is the reading going to be up on your page anymore or no we just use our own app?

  2. Vicki Davis says:

    I loved the printable book marks you provided last year. Have you already posted a link to the 2014 bookmarks, and I missed it?

    1. THANK YOU! I’d forgotten. I’m a little short on time today, but I just edited the 2013 to be 2014 and made it available on the goodies page. One of my projects on the blog redesign list is to better organize the printables. 🙂

  3. Another vote for you Version! many of the translations have the audio too, as long as you’re connected to wifi. I love to have the app read to me while I follow along in my paper Bible. They have SO many plans to chose from. Something it love is the “catch me up” feature. Last year I was using the discipleship journal plan! but then I joined an online study, so I wasn’t doing the DJ one for awhile. It sends you an email asking if you’re behind and tells you how you can tell it to catch me up, and it will adjust the readings to make the first day you missed as that days assignment! I think people are much less likely to drop out totally when they can just continue on, not being overwhelmed by so much reading they have to catch up on. It doesn’t really matter if it takes an extra month or two to complete the plan. They also have some short plans where you really dig deep into one topic or book of the Bible. hope this helps someone!!

    1. I really love Olive Tree, but You Version is great too. I don’t like the WIFI requirement on many of the YouVersion plans. Not all versions are downloadable to use offline unlike Olive Tree. 😉 But still very good!

  4. Leigh Ann Crowder says:

    I’d like to read bible verses leading up to Easter with my children similiar to reading the verses about the Nativity leading up to Christmas. Is there an app out there that already has this ?

    1. Colourline says:

      I have an bible app called ‘holy bible’ – youversion. It has all kinds of reading plans like Christmas themes, what the bible says about different feelings and so on and if you just wanna dig deeper in some of the books, themes of persons in the bible. I love it! 🙂

  5. Jennifer Cone says:

    We are finishing up reading the Bible chronologically this year. We are looking for new plan for 2014. Have printed the M’Cheyne version you provided as a strong possibility. Would love to hear what others are doing 🙂

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