Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

verse a day wide

Hey there Friends! It’s the beginning of a new week and here we are checking in with one another once again. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the Bible reading challenge this year as we’re reading through the Bible a second year together.

This week I’ve been slammed and got a bit behind on my Bible reading and general ministry work since my Taylor girl was sick and simply needed my care. That’s an everyday part of the Wojo household and we’re learning to give thanks through it all.

Before we check in through the  comments today, I sure would love your feedback on the Bible reading challenge for next year.

  • Would you like to see it more focused with a fewer number of verses each day or do you prefer the challenge of reading through the Bible?
  • If we go with focusing on a certain book each month, what books of the Bible would you like to see as part of the challenge?
  • Would you enjoy having a Facebook group to cheer each other on?
  • Any other ideas to help us focus on our Bible reading for next year?
  • Would you be disappointed if I didn’t offer any type of Bible reading challenge for next year?

I’d love to hear from you today! So let us know how your reading is going! Please excuse my error on the Bible reading challenge Pinterest board if you’ve noticed the mistake of failing to pin properly for the month of October! We’ll get it up to date as soon as possible and finish the year out strong!



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  1. I love the accountability. I got caught up on two of my reading plans. Even finished one. Need to get caught up on the third though. Reading plans on Youversion is awesome. That was the best tip I think for me from your website. I think I would be a little sad if you didn’t have a plan or the check in part at least. I look forward to my inbox and seeing the Bible reading Plan

  2. I’m not part of your bible reading group and am not sure how you all go about it currently. I would possibly be interested to join you all next year, but I think I would prefer the shorter more specific reading of the verses. I have read the whole bible right through once before. I read four chapters a night every night and it took me about 9 months. I was glad I did it, but am not looking to achieve another such marathon race again. I would like to go deeper to gain a better understanding of it all. But this is just my idea from the outside lol.
    Praying for you and your family too!

  3. Heather P says:

    Still on track!
    I like having a checklist (for lack of a better term). Sometimes I like doing my own thing like I did this year with a Psalm or Proverb a day. I still wrote it on the list and kept up with it. It means I don’t miss a chapter or repeat a chapter. That is unless I get behind a day. 🙂
    The accountability is okay, but not necessary for me.

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