Win Over Worry Bible Memory Verse Cards

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Want to Win over Worry? Enjoy this free printable set of Bible memory verse cards and do just that! No printer? No problem. Create a new photo album on your smartphone, then screenshot each graphic to your phone for a sweet way to memorize God's Word wherever you are!

This weekend while I was reading the #WinoverWorry Bible reading challenge, I was thinking about how many of you have responded to this challenge! When I did the reading for yesterday, I remembered a couple posts I had written about anxiety and worry and the 8 Bible Memory verse cards to kick anxiety to the curb.

While those cards definitely served their purpose, I thought we could bring those to life in the form of Win Over Worry Bible Memory Verse cards that you can use in two different ways.  And I’m so excited to share them with you!

First, I gave them a facelift. As my brother used to say, “If the barn needs painted, give it a coat.” So I freshened them up a bit and I really love them.

worry2flower worry1flower worry3flower worry4flowers worry5flower worry6flower worry7flower worry8flower

You could use these cards at least two different ways.


First, I’ve created a free printable set for you.

Just click on this link or the graphic below and a pdf will open. You can print all 8 cards from the pdf.

bible memory verse cards sample


Quickly create your own free Bible memory verse album to read wherever you go!

I really love this idea of having these Bible memory verses wherever you go. If you have a smartphone, you can create a new photo album, then screenshot each graphic. Save it in the album you created to create your very own Win over Worry Bible Memory Verse cards that you can glance over at any time! When you feel the temptation to worry, win over it with Scripture you have right at your fingertips.

Which idea will you use? The printable or the smartphone photo album?

Have a marvelous Monday!


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You can also download the Win Over Worry Bible Reading Plan

Printables include art from AngieMakes.


  1. Lovely prayer cards! I shall use the printable ones and share them at our women’s’ bible study……..

  2. Oh my goodness these are STUNNING, Rachel! I will download them to print as well as to my phone so I can have them everywhere! Thanks so much!!!!

    1. Thank you Girl. I just love the idea of having them available where you go on the phone! It’s like giving Satan a 1-2 punch.

  3. Susan Hunsinger says:

    Thank you for these prayer cards. They are lovely. I’ve sent some of your other prayer cards out inside encouragement cards, and I will do the same with these. 🙂

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