How to Handle Worry When It Wants to Wrestle

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Last week the message, “Kicking Anxiety to the Curb“, resonated with readers. So I thought we might need to delve a little deeper into the topic of dealing with worry and anxiety. Interestingly enough, on Sunday, my pastor’s wife mentioned that one of the areas she wrestles with is anxiety.

And I thought, “What a great word to use to describe this issue- wrestle.” Because we all have those things that we continually fight. Sometimes we can land a knock-out punch that sends the issue out cold. But more often, it seems that it’s a bit of a wrestling match.

how to handle worry

In Matthew 4, we find the encounter where Jesus was specifically tempted by Satan. Each of the three times Satan tried to get Jesus to sin, Jesus used Scripture to defeat Satan. By following Jesus’ example in this area of our lives, I truly believe that we can have victory.  But sometimes it takes more than once, because- we are human.

Memorizing Scripture is a wonderful mechanism for handling worry.  By familiarizing ourselves with God’s Word, we can replace negative, false thoughts with truth. Instead of believing the lies Satan is trying to win over on us, we can claim the truth and send him packing. But think about this verse:

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

I find it interesting that every translation of this Bible verse I read used the same word : resist. With a little investigation, I found the Greek word means : to set oneself against, to oppose.

To equip yourself for a wrestling match against worry, the Sword of God’s Word can defend like nothing else can. This is how we “set ourselves against”- this is how we resist the devil and make.him.flee.

Often you will find lists of Bible verses in my posts because I want those to be tools for you as they have been for me.  One of the sweet readers last week commented that she planned to write out the verses on anxiety on index cards so that she could have them wherever she needed them.  So her little idea prompted me to create this free printable for you. Eight verses from “Kicking Anxiety to the Curb” are now available to print on cardstock as your own personal set of Scripture cards. I hope you’ll enjoy them and USE them to kick anxiety to the curb and deliver a knock-out to worry! Just click on the graphic and the PDF will open or download here.


Can you think of other issues besides worry and anxiety that you’d love to have specific Bible verses to combat? Or do you have verses you use for certain issues that you could share?

I’d love to read them in the comments.



  1. I love these cards! The one you have as Psalm 94:10 us actually Psalm 94:19 ….it is my favorite verse! Just thought I’d let you know in case people are using these as memory verses.

    1. Thank you Girl! When I get the chance, I will fix that. Often I work late in the night on special projects like this one and my eyes just get so blurry. 🙂

  2. Anxiety is a problem for many…even Christians. We have such awesome words of wisdom from the Lord to help us deal with this. At the same time, sometimes HE uses mental health professionals to help those who are struggling with this issue. If you or a loved one feel as if you can’t handle it on your own, I encourage you to seek that help out. There are lots of wonderful Christian therapists! Focus on the Family and the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors) can put you in touch with someone. Blessings! 🙂 ~Laurel (Licensed Social Worker, PhD in Counseling)

  3. OH MY, THANK YOU!!! Bless you!!! I hope this topic gets more attention here, and I’m hoping a prayer or 2 could be whispered for me? I have been really troubled with anxiety for a while now, very scary panic attacks. I have been leaning HEAVY on the Lord… praying to the Holy Spirit to fill any parts of me that are empty and being invaded with fear, and instead filling every nook-n-cranny of me with the TRUTH, WISDOM and STRENGTH of HIS Word. I feel blessed for happening across this blog topic on pinterest, and I pray God blesses you and his will leads you to do more of this beautiful writing for us out here. This has truly been a blessing to read… this one and the last one you mentioned. PERFECT timing. GOD’S timing… GLORY TO GOD!!! I’m praying for all that are inflicted with this sometimes debilitating state we get into.

    1. Lord Jesus, tonight I pray for Tami. Thank you for leading her right here to these verses for trust in You. Would you be with her in a special way and help her to place her fear in your care? Bless you, Tami!!

  4. Thank you for this post! I definitely wrestle daily with worry. Just today, I was at work and noticed a man wandering around the property right before I was supposed to leave. It’s a small building and parking lot, surrounded by woods. He was talking to himself, digging in the dirt, and carrying big sticks with him. My mind immediately worried what might happen if I walked outside (and I am also a little embarrassed and saddened by the fact that I judged this man without knowing anything about him…) I prayed to Jesus that he would see that I got to my car safely, and He did! I tend to worry about things that haven’t happened, and probably won’t happen. My biggest worries revolve around the safety of my husband, my family & friends, and myself. I consistently imagine worst-case scenarios and end up being completely anxious if I hear the tiniest noise outside our home. I never used to have this issue, so I truly believe I have let the enemy into my mind and I haven’t been filling my mind with the Word of God instead. When I don’t have God’s Word to fill my mind, the devil has plenty of room to fill it up with other things. This post was a blessing today!

  5. Michelle D. says:

    Thank you for these memory verses! I love how pretty they are. I printed and will work on memorizing them. My two only sons have special needs. I worry about their future all the time.

    1. Oh Michelle. Jesus, I pray that you would use these Scriptures in Michelle’s life in a special way. May they ease her worry and give her confidence in you.

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