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bible reading challenge day 113

Hey there! I have an awesome children’s Hermie DVD giveaway for you today- it’s a Tommy Nelson day! This truth-telling DVD was watched intently by my 8 year old son, as he was given the job to assist in this review. 😉 His summary was “it was about making sure you always tell the truth.” Yep, he’s my pretty direct and straight to the point kid.

children's dvd giveaway

Our family have been friends of Hermie’s for years- whenever the kids see Max Lucado on TV or hear him on the radio, they automatically recognize him. The Hermie & Friends DVD series are animated and full of fun. The series presents Christian values and gives children the opportunity to grow spiritually as they begin to understand Biblical principles.   This particular DVD set is designed for ages 4-7 and contains two full length episodes.




Hermie & Friends have two cool things available for FREE that I thought you might love. First up, you can sign up for emails from Hermie & Friends (must be 13 years or older) so that you can keep up with latest news. Secondly, they have some super cool FREE coloring pages RIGHT HERE.

AND- for all my regular readers, you know that post from last week “7 Creative Ways to Saturate Your Life With Scripture?” Well I have one more for you! No, they are not THE latest, but Hermie & Friends have some Bible Memory Verse CD’s and I just love them!

Click on the graphic for more information.

Alright Friends! That’s all for today- hope you’ll enter to win the DVD through the Rafflecopter and have a fabulous day!

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  1. My children definitely have a hard time holding their tongues.

  2. The struggle is there for both areas, but holding the toongue can be more difficult as they don’t always see it as something negative. But it often is! Thanks so much for a chance for a Hermie DVD! We enjoy this collection!

  3. Andrea Smith says:

    I think they have a harder time holding their tongue. my little ones love these DVDs!

  4. Oo, Love Hermie and Friends by Max. I first heard of the series years ago with my niece. This DVD would be perfect for my boys as we enter a new stage in parenting.

  5. This is a problem Im having with my 8 yr old niece that Im raising .

  6. My daughter has a tendency to lie when she thinks she is going to get into trouble so we’ve had to start making consequences for lying. I’d love this dvd just to encourage her to tell the truth 🙂

  7. I think learning to hold the tongue is the most difficult. There are lots of adults who struggle with that as well. For my kids (for right now anyway – they are only 4 and 2) it is easier to say “was that true, should you have said that?” or something along those lines to teach them not to lie. However controling the tongue is not something I can control for them. They are going to say what they want. It it harder, at this age, to teach them that just because you want to say something, doesn’t mean you should. Like when we are in the drive thru at Subway and the 4 year old says LOUDLY “Mom, why is that lady so old?” 😀

    1. oh man. I can so relate to this. Or “That wasn’t very nice of her, was it?” in reference to someone else’s actions. 🙂 I was so proud of my son when he was in kindergarten he described a situation and his disapproval of it. I shockingly asked him “You didn’t say that, did you?” He said, “No, Mom, I leaved it in my head.” I never forgot that. Oh how many more times I need to leave things in my head! 😉

  8. Holding their tongues. My daughter especially is very bold and blunt and is learning to hold her tongue until a more appropriate time.

  9. I have never seen these videos before! I have been looking for some to reinforce biblical character traits with my 4 and 6 year olds. These sound perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Sherri Bailey says:

    For some of my children, it was very hard to learn to tell the truth. For others, it was to learn to be silent. I am trying to instill both in my granddaughter.

  11. My son just turned 4 years old and seems to have a difficult time telling the truth lately. His imagination gets in the way and he dreams up some crazy lie.

  12. I think holding their tongues is harder. My kids haven’t lied a whole lot and when they are pressed, they have always told the truth, but holding their tongues is hard hard hard. Even for me.

  13. Holding their tongues with each other is the problem in our house…working on that!

  14. thanks for such an awesome give-away! have a blessed day everyone.

  15. We are having a problem with telling the truth now, so I would say truth for us.

  16. We are working on always telling the truth with our youngest right now.

  17. Darlene R. says:

    My grand girls would love this!! Thanks for the chance!

  18. When our biological children grew up they watched Donut Man, Veggie Tales and others. We adopted two children with special needs and one has a problem with lying as a defense mechanism from being in foster care and we are trying to teach him that it leads to more trouble and it is not what our Lord and Savior wants us to do to protect ourselves. We want him to learn that truth is the only way.

  19. Holding their tongues! I have a 3 yr old and an 11 yr old with autism…they’re both pretty darn honest!

  20. My kiddos have a much harder time with holding their tongues ! They just can’t seem to help themselves. My older 2 try , and are a little better then their younger siblings , but my middle guy really struggles with what to say and when and where it is appropriate 🙂

  21. I would say holding their tongue….I can tell when they aren’t telling the truth. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  22. Kathy Carter says:

    My Granddaughter has been in church since before she was born. Lying is not a way of life that we practice as a family. She is real good about not lying but is just entering kindergarten so I think a little extra encouragement always helps. And her love for the Lord even at such a young age.

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