7 Ways to Get More from Your Bible Reading

 7 ways to get more from your Bible reading. You may have used some of them before; some may be new to you.  Enjoy this list of tangible ideas you can use to enjoy God’s Word in fresh and exciting ways!

Just before the weekend began, I received this email from a sweet reader and I kept thinking about it off and on all weekend:

Thank you for your monthly challenges!  I have started getting up early and reading the scripture and then writing a devotion and posting it  for my BRC – Bible Reading Challenge  friends on FB! It has been a life changer for me!

And that’s what God’s Word does. It changes us from the inside out. Since I began blogging almost 7 years ago, I’ve desired to point to God’s Word for life’s answers. That’s the reason I host the monthly Bible reading challenges.

Learning from God’s Word is endless. I’ve read the same passages over and over again and the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart differently at different times. God is alive and His Word is alive. He actively uses His Word to transform our hearts and minds! That’s how powerful it is! So how can we do our part? Besides reading daily? I reflected on this question and came up with a list of 7 ways to get more from your Bible reading. You may have used some of them before; some may be new to you.  Enjoy this list of tangible ideas you can use to enjoy God’s Word in fresh and exciting ways!

1. Use a highlighter.

Highlighting passages in the Bible is a great way to remember how God is speaking to you. You can even write the date beside the highlight to help you remember special events or moments. You may want to have a color-coded system. I’m not great at using a color-coded system, but I know tons of people who LOVE it and it works for them. My friend, Courtney, has a wonderful color-coded system you can check out if you’re interested in more detail.

2. Use a journal or note-taking Bible.

Writing a few notes down in a journal or note-taking Bible can be a wonderful way to enjoy your Bible beyond the step of reading. If you like having more room to write in the margins of your Bible, then a note-taking Bible is fabulous for this purpose.

3. Use the Bible study guide for any chapter of the Bible for your journaling questions.

simple bible study guide two bookmark

So you enjoy journaling, but sometimes draw a blank on what to write? Try using this simple Bible study guide for any Bible passage. Write down one sentence or as many as you like. You could start with answering one question daily for a week, then the second week, use two questions. This way you could gradually add more writing as you feel more comfortable with the process.

4. Begin to Bible art journal.

Choose a verse from your daily Bible reading plan to think about and dwell on. Print out a copy of the How to Begin to Bible Journal guide and work your way through the steps. You can use a journaling Bible or a journal to begin this process.

5. Read the passage in different translations to emphasize the meaning.

When a verse is resonating with me, then I love to either grab my parallel translation Bible or do a search on one of my favorite Bible apps or websites. BlueLetterBible.org has been my go-to site lately for this purpose.

6. Copy the Scripture in your own handwriting.

Sometimes the best thing I can do to allow God’s word to work in my heart is to write it. This takes the passage through the visual channel of reading AND another sensory channel of tough. It’s a wonderful way to imprint the meaning on my heart.

7. Use one of these 7 ways to saturate your life with Scripture to channel your daily Bible reading verses.

Alright, Friends! There’s the list of ways to get more from your Bible reading. Which one is your favorite? Or what method do you use that others could benefit from? I’d love to read about your ideas!

By his grace,



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