One More Step Bible Reading Challenge

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When discouragement strikes and depression hovers, God's Word will provide the strength to keep going if we will run to it. That's exactly what we are going to do in this month's One More Step Bible reading challenge!! Ready to join in? #onemorestep

Sometimes the boldest thing one can do is take the next breath. – One More Step

The temptation to quit feels overpowering and a million reasons for why you should just give up loom over your head. Out-of-control circumstances, fatigue, and misplaced hope are just a few of the issues you’re facing.

It’s time. Time to take action and move forward when everything is pulling you back.

But feeling paralyzed, you’re not sure where to turn. 

This Month’s Challenge

When discouragement strikes and depression hovers, God’s Word will provide the strength to keep going if we will run to it.  That’s exactly what we are going to do in this month’s One More Step Bible reading challenge!! Ready to join in?

How to Participate

If you’ve never joined a Bible reading challenge here before, each day we follow the plan and read the passage. You can share what you are learning on social media or just keep it between you and God. My goal through the reading is to draw closer to Jesus, and I want that for you too!

For this month, we will use the hashtag #onemorestep . Almost every day, I post on Instagram  or Facebook about what I’m learning through the passages and sometimes I post the Bible journaling pages I work on throughout the study.

On Fridays, I post a summary of what I learned through the week here on the blog and invite you to share what God is teaching you in the comments.

NEW Bible Reading Challenge Features for November


Each Thursday at 9 PM EST, I’m going to be on Periscope to discuss the passages we’re studying this month. Woohoo! Can’t wait for that. Tune in for the first session on Thursday, November 5. What’s Periscope? A super cool app that allows me to chat real time with you anytime, anywhere, as long as you log in to listen. Don’t forget to download it before then! Follow me @rachelwojo.

Bible Journaling

As you may know, I’ve been working on learning to Bible journal a little art and since you’ve been asking, I’ve got a FANTASTIC tool releasing THIS WEEK to help us both consistently read God’s Word, study it, meditate on it, and enjoy it. This free printable One More Step Bible Journal Suggestion Guide is going to give you a way to process the Bible reading through your choice of journal writing, art, or both.

(You can find the tool mentioned above right here: Bible Journaling Guide)

And now for the One More Step Bible reading plan!

One More Step Bible reading plan

1. Psalm 18:1-6
2. Psalm 18:7-18
3. Psalm 18:19-29
4. Psalm 18:30-36
5. Psalm 18:37-45
6. Psalm 18:46-50
7. Psalm 28:1-9
8. Psalm 46:1-6
9. Psalm 46:7-11
10. Psalm 142:1-7
11. Psalm 30:1-5
12. Psalm 30:6-12
13. Psalm 61:1-8
14. Psalm 59:1-9
15. Psalm 59:10-17
16. Psalm 136:1-5
17. Psalm 136:6-12
18. Psalm 136:13-18
19. Psalm 136:19-26
20. Psalm 27:1-7
21. Psalm 27:8-14
22. Psalm 24:1-10
23. Psalm 31:1-6
24. Psalm 31:7-14
25. Psalm 31:15-24
26. Psalm 140:1-7
27. Psalm 138:1-8
28. Psalm 65:1-6
29. Psalm 65:7-13
30. Psalm 147:10-20

Printable or Digital

Just screenshot the graphic to your smartphone OR for an easy printable copy, click on the graphic or HERE and print out two copies of the Bible reading plan. Share one with a friend!

When discouragement strikes and depression hovers, God's Word will provide the strength to keep going if we will run to it. That's exactly what we are going to do in this month's One More Step Bible reading challenge!! Ready to join in? #onemorestep

November 1st!

You in?




  1. I’m in!!

  2. I’m in 11/1/15!! And ready!!

  3. I’m in! I am new to reading the Bible and it is helpful to have somewhere to start! Just completed the first days reading, and it is already speaking to me and enlightening me on things I need to work on. Thankyou got sharing!

  4. I’m in ! Waiting excitedly! Looking forward to doing this with you. Thanks.

  5. Jeri Anders says:

    Hi Racheal. Please sign me up for your “One More Step” Bible reading plan. I really need this so much. Thank you a million times for your page. Looking to hear from you soon.
    Jeri Anders

    1. Glad to have you, Jeri! Just follow the instructions above and join in for the reading on Nov. 1st. I post *almost* daily on Facebook and Instagram, then we join weekly on Fridays to summarize right here on the blog.

  6. Sign me in..
    Love to grow in understanding about God with more people..

  7. So sorry, i just saw where someone else just asked about these!!

  8. I just wondered when the Bible Journal Suggestion guide will be avaliable? Thanks

  9. I’m in too. Looking forward to November. God is really blessing me as I read One More Step, thank you Rachel.

  10. I’ve never done one of these, so I’m going to try it! ?

  11. I’ve been checking your site all day for the printable you mentioned in your email today. Did I miss it? Super excited to join in next month!

    1. No- I’m so sorry. Still working on it! It’s been a crazy day- my apologies.

  12. Josie Owens says:

    Count me in. I am looking forward and I am starting my prayer jounral.

  13. Josie Owens says:

    I am in and looking forward to reading along with you. I am new to you website. I saw you on Pinterest.
    I am working on my prayer journal.

  14. Nicole Ferrier says:

    I’m in, can’t wait! I start a new job on November 2nd, so this particular reading plan seems divinely picked for my newest obsticles.

  15. Kate Favor says:

    Count me in. Just landed on the page, glad to be part of the challenge. Thanks.

  16. Thank you Sister Rachel i,love so much these scriptures to follow when i’m feels weak in me & i would draw near to giving up & i want to quickly open “the ‘HOLY BIBLE”& my favourite chapter is this “Phillippians 4th verse 13 th, says “i can do every thing through christ who strengthens me”.HOLY LORD ADD THE BLESSINGS TO THIS SCRIPTURE WORD & ALSO ADD BLESSINGS TOO .Yes Sisteri really love these scriptures& i downloaded it & i’ll keep it &definitely i’llread it every day from now on,Gods Blessings on your family & you too in peace & safest way .Well i take a leave for the day bye ! bye !

    Thanking YOU
    Warm Regards
    Veerendhar Borra .Reddy

  17. Gissell Reynoso says:

    Count me in!

  18. I’m in!

  19. Kelly Solomon says:

    I’m in as well, can’t wait to get started! Thank you for the time you give to give your fans encouragement every day. I’ve learned so much already!

  20. Susan Knight says:

    I’m in!

  21. I’m very excited! Looking forward to learn more with you!
    God bless Rachel!

  22. Absolutely, I’m in!

  23. I’m in. Been waiting for the Nov bible study to start so I can join in. I read your blog and get emails regularly. I’m working on growing in Christ and I am really looking forward to this. Thank you for you faithfulness !

  24. Vicki Pryor says:

    Sign me up

  25. Tracey Nabors says:

    Rachel, please sign me up! Thanks much and God bless!

  26. Mary Lynn says:

    I am In-timely as the others have been

  27. I’m IN!!! 🙂 Is Periscope a requirement?

      1. OKAY…I don’t have enough storage on my phone to download it…then I can participate!!! YAY B-)

  28. I am enjoying the Gently God Guides reading challenge. I am so glad God does not lead us like a farmer leads his animal, on a halter that does not allow the animal to stray; God leads us like a shepherd, He goes before us and shows us where to step and where to avoid and move around. My 1st husband herded sheep for several months and I can relate his job to God leading us.
    I will be joining you in the One More Step reading challenge

    1. Thankyou for that wonderful insight. I work on a huge cattle property, but have never thought of it like that! Theresa, that comment has helped me enormously!

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