The Shape of Grace & Blogger Linkup

We’ve been discussing grace on many different levels each week of the “Grace is for Giving” series.
But what does grace really look like?

It can look like an ark- if you’re Noah and his family. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord and it was shaped like a boat. Interesting shape for grace, huh?

Grace took on the form of Egyptian garb as Joseph received favor from Pharaoh and the Bible tells us “the Lord was with him”, even when his brothers threw him in a pit and sold him into slavery.

It appears in the crevices of rock, as in Moses’ case. He begged God for His presence and didn’t want to go anywhere without Him. (Ex. 33) In turn, Moses found grace in God’s sight and the Lord knew Moses by name. As God placed Moses in the rock cliffs, after passing by, God removed His hand and let Moses see His back. Grace in the shape of rocks- not exactly comfortable. Yet grace.

Grace came to Paul in the form of a “thorn in the flesh”, a physical ailment that he begged God to remove. Only grace was bigger. Such an odd shape for grace.

Grace is a liquid that can take on the shape of its container.

Grace is a solid that is locked into place.

Grace has the property of gas in that it has the ability to flow freely.

In other words, grace has properties unlike any physical, tangible object that we, as humans, observe…

because grace is from God.

the shape of grace

So if God’s grace takes on all shapes and sizes, yet one size fits all, then what does grace look like when we give it?

Maybe it looks like giving a co-worker a hand, even when they’ve never helped you.

Could it possibly appear as kindness to that relative who has a terrible disease- known as diarrhea of the mouth? (sorry, it was a “just sayin” moment.)

Perhaps grace could look like giving that person a Christmas gift when they’ve done nothing but condemn your ideas?

Would it take on the form of a chameleon by being alright with someone else’s differences- agreeing to disagree?

Maybe, just maybe grace looks like Jesus because it IS Jesus.

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples. John 13:35

grace is a reflection of God

 What would your act of grace look like?  Can you tell us about it in the comments below?

And I hope you’ll visit the bloggers linked up today and give them the grace of your presence! Next Monday is our last post in the Grace Is For Giving series and we’ll continue with the blogger linkup on Mondays.  But tomorrow I have a terrific guest coming- so don’t miss her! See you then!


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  1. Thank you for encouraging me to appreciate God’s grace in our life and to share it to other people around me!

  2. SUCH lovely words. Grace fit everyone! It took me so very long to “get that”! I LOVED your photos in this post :0)!

    1. Blessings Donna. I know- why does it take us so long to get it? 🙂 Thank you for your words today!

  3. Grace for me–God’s grace–is like oxygen. I can’t survive a minute without it! Thanks so much for the link up, the wise words and encouragement. This is my first time to link to your blog and, after looking around, I like what I see!

  4. Grace is like a liquid… Beautiful, Rachel. And I’ve needed it poured over me more times that I’d like to admit.

  5. I think grace can look like prayer. Praying for someone you are mad at and don’t want to pray for them. Be blessed:)

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