Parenting Books Giveaway! One for Him- One for Her

parenting book giveaway

Why I read parenting books

One of the things I often wish for since my Mom went to Heaven 14 years ago is the opportunity to ask for her advice. Having raised a family of nine children, her brilliant wisdom in parenting is sorely missed. I suppose that is one of the reasons I have read a ton of parenting books. Ok, maybe not a literal ton. Another reason I truly enjoy parenting books is because I love new ideas. Reading always prompts new ways of doing things and sometimes my parenting style or mode gets a little stale.  I need some refreshment to remember how important this job is! Educating yourself on all aspects of parenting is always a good thing, Amen?

Today I wanted to share with you a book for Mom and a book for Dad.

The Making of a Mom

The Making of a Mom: Practical Help for Purposeful Parenting is a wonderful practical guide for purposeful parenting. While this book is a great guide for young moms, Stephanie Shott, the author has included incredible mentoring resources for moms of all ages. One of my favorite parts of this book is the prayers for moms throughout the book. Here’s one example:

A Prayer for Mom
Oh, Lord, it’s so easy to find myself drowning in the sea of motherhood. There’s so much to do, so many expectations and so many ways I feel I just don’t measure up. Help me embrace each messy moment that comes my way as treasured time and teachable moments. Enable me to see past the sea of problems we face every day, not to compare myself to others, not to be deflated by my own inadequacies, not to be overwhelmed by overwhelming circumstances, and to trust You to be enough and to make me enough because I am Yours. Your Word says that I am complete in You, that I have everything I need to live a godly life (2 Peter 1:3) and that You have made me more than a conqueror (Romans 1:37). Help me live daily in that truth and not be an overwhelmed momma!

What an encouraging prayer for moms!

Super Husband Super Dad

The parenting book for dads I recently enjoyed is Super Husband, Super Dad: You Can Be the Hero Your Family Needs. Tim Shoemaker writes with such passion and yet encouragement for the next generation. This book tackles tough subjects like fighting for your marriage, balancing time and resources, and handling teenage rebellion. Tim has three grown sons and has been happily married for over 33 years! Here’s an example of some of the easy-to-remember parenting hints Tim offers:

  • When you see a clear opening, take it.
  • Don’t avoid the tough stuff.
  • Teach lessons through the news.
  • Create your own informal opportunities.


Ok, Friends. who wants to win a parenting book today? I thought you might! Follow the giveaway instructions and I’ll see you tomorrow as we finish out the Women in the Bible: Beautiful and Brave series!

For more information on either of these books, follow these links:

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Super Husband, Super Dad: You Can Be the Hero Your Family Needs

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See you tomorrow!

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  1. As a mother of a 3 year old daughter as she grows older, I find myself searching more and more for ways to be the best role model, influence and loving parent to her. Parenting for me is an extremely important thing and I want her to be the best person she can be. With these books and more books like it, I want to help mothers as well as overall parents to support their children. Afterall as we know, children do not come with instructions.

    Blessings to all on the journey of parenting!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Rachel! What a blessing you are my friend! 🙂

  3. Anne from France says:

    Christian parenting books are such a good idea. Not all of us come from Christian homes and many of us come from quite dysfunctional families. When God blessed us with a son, born in my 45th year, our only child I was overjoyed yet panic stricken! He has mild autism as well and we live in a foreign country. It was overwhelming but God is showing us His love and care through this all. We have no church to attend or families to help us. So authors on parenting have a very blessed and needed ministry! Thank you for sharing these books with us!

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