Top 4 Christian Books for Dads

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Friday snuck up on me! I’m editing this post to remind the Bible Challenge readers to check in so we can keep each other encouraged! (Sorry, lost my blogging mind last night for a few. It happens. 😉 )

Today I’m giving you my top Christian books for dads. When I wrote the 5 Encouraging Books for Moms list, I kept thinking that either I’m just not as familiar with the market for Christian dads or it is less saturated than the “Mom market.” Either way, I raided my husband’s book shelves and actually was surprised to find several books I’ve read, simply because my husband enjoyed them and I was curious. I also researched across the web and considered what others were recommending for fathers. So here we go with my top 4 Christian books for dads.

top 4 books for dads

1.All Pro Dad: Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids

This book teaches parenting through the eyes of a pro and you will find an incredible load of resources on the All Pro Dad site. Besides the book, All Pro Dad is really a full-blown mentoring guide that will assist you each step of the way through fatherhood. What a fabulous gift this would be for a new father to set him on the right track from the beginning of parenthood! You can find a full book review on All Pro Dad right here.

2.King Me: What Every Son Wants and Needs from His Father

I really don’t think I could say enough positive about this book. My husband enjoyed this book so much and because he read excerpts to me, I read it when he finished. While the book excellently addresses the father/son relationship, I felt that reading this book gave me a much more complete parenting perspective as a mother. Don’t miss this one!

3.What a Difference a Daddy Makes: The Indelible Imprint a Dad Leaves on His Daughter’s Life

While this book was published in 2001, I believe the principles are very relevant today. This book made an imprint on my husband with his choice to maintain and pursue a strong relationship with our oldest daughter from my husband’s first marriage. As she is preparing to be married this summer, I know he is so grateful that he invested time and effort in his relationship with her. You’ll be glad you read this one.

4.Praying Circles around Your Children

Alright, I know this recommendation is not specifically for dads. But if you’ve been around here any length of time, you know that I believe in the power of prayer like nothing else. The Circle Maker is one of my very favorite books ever; in fact, it’s on my awesome books on prayer list. When this followup book became available, I purchased the Kindle ebook and it did not disappoint. When you don’t know what to do for your kids, you can ALWAYS pray. This resource is more like a “booklet,” so you’ll love the quick, but vital read.

There may be one or two other books I’d recommend for this list; however, we don’t own them and I haven’t read them in entirety. So I decided to stop here. 🙂 But I would so love it if you could add your favorites to this list.

What Christian parenting books do you suggest for Dads? Do share!







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  1. Before my son was born I read First Time Dad by John Fuller (with Paul Batura). It gave really great insight as to how life changes with the coming of a little one as well as practical ways you can be involved in the leadership of your children, even while they are babies. You can check it out here…

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