Final Bible Reading Challenge Check-In for 2014


You did it!! You did your best to read your Bible each day in 2014 and now we’ve come together for the final check-in. If you are following the M’Cheyne plan that I enjoy and have used this year, then technically, we finish on this Wednesday. I actually fell behind a couple days, but still hope to finish reading the Bible all the way through this year.

I sincerely apologize for my Pinterest problem on completing the Bible reading challenge Pinterest board for the year. I ran into a few snags and honestly, between the holidays and trying to meet my book deadline, my time to work on the issue was too limited. I am so sorry that it won’t be finished by year’s end.

For the last two years, the Bible Reading Challenge has included the M’Cheyne Bible reading plan and you’ve had your choice of the method you choose to use for participation. Some of you printed a plan- which is great! Some of you used the Olive Tree Bible reading app, which is what I did for most of the year.

While this post is the final Bible Reading Challenge check-in for 2014, stay tuned to the post following this one because the 2015 details are included!

You want to read the Bible through in 2015?

Last week, I encouraged you if you’ve never read through the Bible before, you can do it! For a free printable check-off plan to read the Bible through at your own pace, be sure to check out this post.

And now I sure would love to hear from you today. I’ve already gotten a couple emails from some of you who finished. Thank you so much for the sweet encouraging notes!

How would you evaluate your year in Bible reading? Did this weekly accountability help you succeed in daily reading? Did you finish reading the Bible through this year? Can’t wait to hear about it!


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  1. I got a little behind. I had sick kids and then I got sick… Merry Christmas to us right…. but I plan to buckle down and get back to it…. thanks so much for keeping in the word and keeping me accountable this year. It made a difference for me with your check ins.

  2. Loved following this past year & kept up as I’ll finish on schedule. Looking to do something different this next year so I’m waiting for the big reveal. Thank you☺️

  3. Rachel, 2 years in a row have left a reading of the Bible in its whole story unfinished. I have read through a couple of times in my life, but these past two years of trying left me with the hope that I am going to participate in Wendy Pope’s read thru the Word with the chronological Bible. I am not giving up. One positive is that I did read my Bible almost every day even if it was a Scripture chapter or verse(s) related to reading or Bible study. Thx for all you do to help us to read God’s Word and to believe His Promises to us! God bless!

  4. I got behind during our move from Minnesota to Kentucky, but I made a promise that I would read through the Bible this year, and I was able to catch up and finish a little early. I really like the M’Cheyne plan as it keeps track of where I am. Thank you, Rachel, for suggesting it!!

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