Bible Journaling for Beginners

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Where do I start Bible journaling? This posts answers the 4 questions I'm receiving from readers about Bible journaling. Click through this post to find out how to get started!

I just love receiving emails from readers, especially when I receive multiple emails asking the same questions! You help me know how to help you and it makes writing for you a piece of cake! So thank you and I feel spoiled by you.

Today I wanted to give a little Bible journaling for beginners since I’m receiving a lot of questions about Bible journals. My email backlog is a little deep at the moment (sorry for that! Trying to keep up!!) but providing this Bible journaling update will help many of you. When I categorized the emails, I found four basic questions repeated. So here we go!

Do you write in your Bible? Have you seen the wide margin Bibles with ample room for journaling? Check out this post on Bible journaling- a beautiful way to study the Bible!


What is Bible journaling?

When I first began to see Bible art journaling in my Pinterest feeds back in May, it sparked my interest. Around that same time I was reading a very inspirational book with one particular chapter about marrying your passions, interests, and goals. I love the Bible. I truly do. Reading and studying the Bible ignites my soul like nothing else does. So while I’m not a drawing or painting artist, I chose to start from scratch to learn how to letter and begin to draw a little. You can check out this post about all different types of Bible journaling.

In the past week, I can't tell you how many times I've been asked on social media: What kind of Bible is that? When I answer: It's a journaling Bible! Then the next question is either, "What is a journaling Bible?" or "Where can I find one?"

What Bible should I use?

No, you don’t have to use a Bible. You can get a $2 journal at the dollar store. So don’t let cost hold you back. I started with a journal because I didn’t want to “mess up” my Bible. Even though I have many other Bibles that are all marked up and highlighted and noted.

If you want to use a journaling Bible, there are many types of journaling Bibles in all different translations and styles. After making a special shopping trip of investigation and spending an afternoon of research, my favorite is this HCSB journaling Bible. The key factors for me are thicker pages that allow for erasing (which I do like a mad woman) and this Bible had the widest margins I could find. I also learned more about translations through this Bible, so that was a bonus. For the full scoop and my recommendation on journaling Bibles, check out my journaling Bible post.

My favorite Bible journaling tools and a FREE How-To Guide Printable #onemorestep

How do I get started?

I didn’t know anyone personally who was Bible journaling when I started months ago. But I stuck with it because I was enjoying learning God’s Word in this fashion. Through using my hands, my heart was more engaged in Bible reading and reflection. A few weeks ago, I provided my how-to Bible journaling guide to you with the supplies I first began using through what I love to use now, even as an “un-artsy” person. Print out the how-to Bible journaling guide to get you started with reading God’s word faithfully!

one more step bible reading challenge

How can I join the One More Step Bible reading challenge?

You can join in any time and all the details for the One More Step Bible reading challenge can be found in this post. The Bible reading plan coordinates with the scriptures in the Pillars of Truth section at the end of every chapter of my new book , One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up.

A Beautiful Reader

Alright, Friends. Thanks a ton for sending in your questions and my hope and prayer is that this Bible Journaling roundup will help many of you draw closer to the Lord in your daily walk with him. I received the SWEETEST email from a reader this morning:

Thanks for your resources. They are just a blessing to me. I have seen
a change in my Bible reading since I started the challenge. At least I
can’t finish a day without reading the Bible. God bless you big!!

Oh this email just made my day!! Because of course I want you to read the book I’ve written, but it’s a tool to point you to THE WORD and I want everything I do to reflect that intention. Thank you, Kate, for this encouraging message you sent this morning!

Have a terrific Tuesday!!



How-To Bible Journal Guide

One More Step Bible Reading Plan

One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up


  1. Hi Rachel,

    I just want to thank you for so faithfully, not only looking at your posts & replies but also responding to them despite your already stretched-schedule & time commitrment. You have taught me so much about not giving up & in your genuine love for your readers, out of your love for Jesus, you have truly reminded me the power of the “one more step” enabling much to be do-able.

    I used to letter-write a lot as that had always been the one way I could express better. When I first started what I called “my diary”, it was more my book of letters to the Lord. Little did I know that in years to come, it would be now more commonly-known as journaling!

    I got despondent as time went by when people found it harder & harder to respond in writing & I felt disheartened as the one way I was able to communicate seemed to have been taken away. Your gesture of interest by even “liking” a comment on fb has restored my passion to write, that was slowly dying out.

    Thank you. God obviously had work to do in me as He tested my heart, removing the dross as the heat turned up in the Refiner’s Fire.

    Much blessings to you & your family once again, Rachel. I so thank God for having raised you & think of you often as you courageously face each new day as you ache watching Taylor in her weakening yet is strengthened by the Lord as u trust in Him.

    In His wonderful love,
    Cecilia x o x o

    1. Cecilia- keep writing!! Your work is so needed in this world. People crave a slower pace, yet need to see examples. Thank you for your encouraging note and may the Lord continue to strengthen your heart as you serve Him. xo to you, sweet sister!

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