Behind the Book: One More Step

For a cool behind the scenes glance at the work behind the book, check out this short clip on Chapter 1. You can download the chapter for FREE!

One More Step– it’s almost here!! At dinner today, I told the kids “Mommy’s book will be in the bookstores on Tuesday.”  Tessa, my 4 year old, just stared at me and asked for corn. My husband said “Hallelujah!” His funny way of being thankful for many reasons.

There’s a lot that goes into writing a book. Maybe you’ve guessed that before now. Since my previous books were self-published, I’ve learned a ton along this journey of standard publishing. Because of that, I’ve had the dream of sharing a “Behind the Book” video series for quite some time. Last week I had a videographer scheduled for a day and then it didn’t work out. But I was determined to persevere and I’d love it if you’d take less than 5 minutes to watch this video!

Behind the Book, One More Step

For the highlights of Behind Chapter 1:

  • This chapter was the introduction in the first draft of the manuscript.
  • My wise editor felt that it should either be blended into another chapter or expanded to stand alone.
  • The more I worked on writing the book, the more I felt this first chapter sets the tone and clarifies the goals of the book.
  • This book is my heart and I really want you to know I’m not pointing to the top of the mountain, offering advice on how to get there. No, I’m walking beside you and we’re moving little by little.

Important Reminders

Today is the LAST DAY the preorder package of free digital and printable resources will be available! So be sure to preorder MONDAY, 10/19/15, by 11:59 pm EST! Just follow these instructions.

See you tomorrow!


PS: I’m so excited for the book release tomorrow!! I hope I don’t follow through with what I typically did as an excited kid the night before camp every year. (It involved throwing up.) 

We have an exciting GIVEAWAY planned for release day tomorrow and you won’t want to miss it!

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  1. I’m not sure if I am in the right spot for a chance to receive a free copy of “One more Step”. I have known since I was around 8 years old that I had such a close connection with God. I read so many books, and although they all help me in different ways, this book One more Step hit at what I need right now. I keep going and I know that God has a plan for me, but I wish I understood what it is.

    God had already put me on a path to make me strong, my mom passed away when I was younger, my son was in 2 almost fatal accidents, then the divorce after 33 years of marriage. I stayed strong. During the divorce my dad died in a car accident, my husband was fighting over possessions. At that moment “things” didn’t mean anything to me…so I gave it all to him. Some would think “how stupid” but it wasn’t because I realized “things” just hold you back…so much more God has to offer. He gave us Jesus to remind us that he was worth more than things of this earth. Just before Christmas my son that was always pushing life past away. I was broken, but I knew he was with Jesus. and safe in his arms…(still hurting but I will see him again) Then I almost died. When the EMT’s were working on me, I felt a calm and peaceful feeling, I knew Jesus was with me….And I know he will always be. Right now I have been looking for a book that will help me get through the latest pains. My middle son was diagnosed with a terminal condition called Myasthenia gravis. Reading and reading books to help me understand.. I needed help. The reason I would like to get a free book “One More Step” is because my granddaughter just had major surgery for the same condition as her father. I pray and pray and ask God why?? I’m on social security and it is hard to buy more and more books… Then I saw this book on my email site…It is my life…It is what I’m going thru….I need to be reminded why I need to take one more step….I need to know why……Thank you for letting me know about this wonderful book…If I’m not chosen, that is find. God will be with me… But I would really love to read it…..

    God Bless,

  2. I get discouraged,a year ag April my lady leg was amputated,after 36 blood clots. Its been a long road,and yet I see light at the end of the tunnel. No way could I have made it without having the love of Jesus Christ in my life. I would love to have a free copy of this book. The leg in it’s self is 40,000 thousand dollar and my part is 10,000 thousand. Dollars .I don’t know about most people but 10,000 thousand dollars is a lot of money. I pray that God has got this,because he tells us he will meet r needs. Please lift me up in ur prayers,truly that is the only way I have gotten through this and knowing that He tells me He will never leave nor forsake me. Love all of u at proverbs 31,u have encouraged me daily.

  3. Mary Lynn says:

    Doing a little happy dance for you! First email I saw this morning announced my copy had been shipped! Excited to get it this week (hopefully Tues!)
    Totally get the excitement throw up- the trash cans at Disney World spark not so fun memories- always a fear for me when great anticipation and excitement are involved-Enjoy and savor the moment of a goal reached and knowing God is and will use this work of love and faith for His glory! Continued prayers for you and your family- (including calm tummies)

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