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Three weeks from today, on 10/20/15, my book, One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up, will be available for purchase online and in stores! Can you believe it? I can hardly believe it!! Since I’ve already told you about how I poured my heart into writing this book, I wanted you to hear from those who read the pre-release copy. “This is what she said:”

This is literally my life right now and all I can do is take one more step to keep going. Thank you for inspiration and strength. I have overcome much in my life but I feel beaten down now. Your book is timely because it’s not my life to give up, but His life to live.” Corena H.

…When I was reading your words, tears were streaming down my face. I am so thankful that I received One More Step last week and I can’t wait to finish. Thank you for being a blessing to me, and thank you, Lord, for bringing me the words I needed to hear. Kimberly B.

…the guidance she lays out is relevant for everyone and, of course, is all Biblically-based. I would highly recommend this book for anyone going through stressful life changing events, struggling with anxiety or simply wants to be prepared for the unexpected.” Libby N.

Your book came at a perfect time for me. I was so weighed down I did not think I could take one more step! I was trying to do too many things in my own strength instead of laying it at the Father’s feet and leaving it there. Throughout your book, it just encouraged me to rely on our Father and quit carrying the load I put on myself….Lisa C.

I really wanted this book to be more than words on a page. That’s why I created the FREE Stepping Stones Journal that anyone can download and use to accompany the book.

Enjoy this FREE prayer and Scripture journal, designed to accompany the book, One More Step!

But  the marketing team at the publisher’s office listened to my heart and they worked above and beyond to help me put this incredible BONUS package together! This is my way of saying THANK YOU! for being encouraging readers who love God and others.

So every single person who preorders my book, One More Step, will receive access to the following printable pack of  supplemental material == available for a limited time and only through this offer:

What’s Included in the FREE Printable/ Digital Bonus Pack

  • Beautifully coordinated bookmarks!
  • Small Group Discussion Cards designed for 4 week use- Perfect for Bible study or book club!
  • 16 Bible Memory Verse Cards- Print or screenshot to your own smartphone album for easy access!

Preorder the book and get all this Fabulous FREE printable package!


Because you have been asking me for this ebook (almost every day I receive emails for this!), then I’m giving you a special thank-you bonus BONUS, Everyday Prayers: Inspiring Fresh Faith. The prayers included in this FREE ebook have been pinned collectively over 1 million times!

Preorder Rachel's new book, One More Step, and receive her prayer ebook for FREE! #onemorestep


Here’s How to Get Your Freebies Package:

1. Pre-order a copy of the book from any retailer. It’s available through Amazon,Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, ChristianBook, iBooks, and Waterbrook. (You can pre-order the ebook here or read a sample chapter if you’d like a sneak peek.)

**Addendum: Orders outside the US (International) may be placed HERE.

2. Once you’ve done that, just click this link and fill out the form.

3. That’s it! Once you submit the form and confirm your email, you will get an automated email giving you access to the free bonuses.

I can’t thank you enough for your tremendous support! I’m so very grateful for each of you that I can’t possibly put it into words.

By his grace,


You can find the pocket stone poem here.

Neither Sami or I knew her dad was going to be in the hospital unconscious. But God did. #onemorestep

Neither Sami or I knew when she received this that a few days later , her father would be gravely ill. But God did. #onemorestep



  1. I was wondering how come i couldnt find the book! I’ve got to go get mine?? Thanks Rachel your such an inspiration! Im loving my prayer journal! I got my stepping stone sheets that gows with one more step book right in front?

  2. Janet Rutkowsky says:

    I was wondering if you got to email me yet. You said on the 3rd of October you were in response to my questions. Did I miss it?

    1. Hmmm. I did send one! Promise. I just sent you another. Sorry for the issue!! Blessings to you.

  3. Verónica Ramos-García says:

    Hi! May the Lord be with you always!
    I preordered the book and did everything it says on your page and after copying the bookmarks now I can’t get anything else and the page won’t let me re-submit the form. What should I do?
    God bless you!

    1. Hi Veronica! Sorry that you had trouble; you can’t use bookmarks. You needed to save the files. Please email rachel (at) rachelwojo (dot) com and we’ll get the files resent.

  4. Janet Rutkowsky says:

    I revived a prerelease copy of one more step just days before 3 of our 5 grandsons came to live with us. Two are 2 1/2 year twins all boys. My youngest daughter is 26 so that gives you an idea of my age. My husband is still in the recovery stage of major neck/spin surgery & -doing out patient PT, OT & SPEECH.. This book has helped me so so much.
    I would love to get a copy of the pray book but money is real tight now. I do thank you for all this book has help & is helping. I’ll share the name & site with my ladies 8n recovery & mom play group.


  5. If you’re questioning whether or not to pre-order this book, think no more. I started reading the first chapter and I was drawn into Rachel’s world. Someone finally told me that I had a right to cry! It never dawned on me that God wants to hear it all. Dirt and all. He’s just happy to hear from you! Wow!

  6. Chandra Brewer says:

    I just pre-ordered my copy!! Thank you for all the free goodies! I can’t wait to read the book! 🙂

  7. Susan Hunsinger says:

    Thank you for all the goodies! I am so excited for the release date to get here. C’mon Amazon Prime! May God bless your big, joyous, generous heart.

    1. I’m so glad you like them!! Hope you have everything you need to make this reading experience the best!

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