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Team Lift Your Voice Hits GSN’s American Bible Challenge

Hey Friends! I’m excited to announce to you that earlier this week, GSN’s American Bible Challenge trivia show announced their teams for the upcoming season… and team Lift Your Voice is one of those teams! WOOHOO! My husband, Matt is on the far right in the purple shirt; my brother-in-law, David, is in the center, […]

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The Betrayal of Jesus

Last weekend, I was privileged to be a part of all 6 weekend services at I felt so honored to participate in the services and I wanted to share this monologue with you today as our thoughts turn towards the time just before the mock trial and crucifixion of Christ. May our hearts be […]

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God Bless Our Easter Children’s Book Giveaway

The celebration of Easter is upon us! I’m so excited; I just love Easter. This winter was a particularly hard one and I’m so happy to see the signs of spring. My kiddos have been excited too; it’s interesting to see their perspective on the changing world around them. One day last week when it […]

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When Spring Seems Tardy & Whimsical Wednesday Blogger Linkup

Sometimes I question God’s choice of weather. I know, I know. I shouldn’t be so negative. He is Almighty and Holy and I love Him with all my heart. But when the daffodils are covered by snow and the temperatures dip back down to their winter standbys, I can’t help but think that maybe one […]

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A Prayer for Easter

A Prayer for Easter Dear Father, My eyes lift to Heaven In total adoration of the one true God you are. Your incredible love for the world Exceeds my imagination And your gracious gift of life Excels beyond my understanding. When I reflect on the cross of Calvary, My mind fails to grasp the depth […]

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How to Plan and Host a Bible Study Marathon

No worries, Ladies- this post has nothing to do with an actual run! Have you ever wanted to sign up to participate in a community Bible study but you knew you were going to miss several weeks of the study due to schedule conflicts? Or maybe you have a group of women who really would […]

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Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

Hey Friends! Monday is here once again and it’s time for the Bible Reading Challenge check-in. I humbly admitted to you last week that I’m a bit behind and while I’ve almost caught up this week, I wanted to mention that the best way I’ve found to catch up when you get behind is to […]

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Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World & Bible Study DVD Giveaway

I’ve been reading the book, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, by Joanna Weaver. I feel a bit late to the party on this book because many of my friends have read it already since it originally released in 2000. I can’t express how much I appreciate this book. The subtitle is “Finding […]

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What Religion Did to Jesus & Whimsical Wednesday

I’ve been reading the Gospel accounts of the Easter story. I find it so interesting to think of each author’s writing slant as the Holy Spirit whispered words to their hearts to be scribbled down. Matthew, the tax collector, certainly provided details. Mark was a little more of a straight-forward kind of guy. With Luke’s […]

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A Prayer for When I Feel Rejected

A Prayer for When I Feel Rejected Dear Father, With discouraged spirit, I bow before you; My head is bent in both humility and despair. Feeling unwanted delivers a sting Like nothing else can. The arrows of rejection shoot into my soul And pierce through all hope. “Why does no one want me?” I ask […]

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Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

Hey there Friends! Can you believe how quickly Monday has arrived once again? I can hardly believe it; last week just flew by. I’m sorry to tell you that your fearless leader is still behind! Yikes- I hate typing that out, but we’ve sure had a lot going on around our house this week and […]

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6 Resurrection Celebration Ideas and Fun Easter Games

I’m so excited that the time is nearing to celebrate Easter! Celebrating the birth of Christ is important, but celebrating the resurrection of Christ is gloriously pivotal when you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior. I’ve been collecting a few ideas over the last couple weeks and thought you’d enjoy seeing them all in one place. […]

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11 Ways to Encourage Yourself

Having friends who send a note of encouragement or text or call to let you know they are thinking of  you is wonderful. I strongly believe in the power of Christian friendship. But I often receive emails, messages, or comments from Christians who are lonely and really have no friends.   Or at least no […]

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Bible Reading Challenge Check-In

Hey there Bible Challenge Readers! Monday has arrived once again and here we are in the thick of the challenge. How’s your reading going? I’m still a little behind the schedule, but with my kiddos on spring break this past week, I was a off routine. Do you find yourself with the desire to do […]