Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
6 Easy Ways to Promote Peace In Your Life

If life feels chaotic and you need a strong dose of peace in this moment, right now, then you’re in the right place.

Join Rachel as she shares 6 easy ways to promote peace in your life today. Her simple, straightforward tips and ideas will help you enjoy more peaceful moments right now, right where you are.

These points provide the next step you need to experience more harmony in your day. 


One More Step: Finding Strength When You Feel Like Giving Up

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  1. Wanda Singleton says:

    What a sweet and helpful blessing your message on peace has brought! My word of the year is “peace”. These truths are a treasure! Thank you! And your tender and gentle voice is an encouragement that echoes genuine peace. God bless!

  2. Lisa Rubel says:

    Today’s message on “Pursuing Peace”
    Is a huge blessing to me.
    All six tips made so much sense and I know they are true because Jesus is our Prince of Peace.

    I wrote them all down in the back of my Bible as a quick reference when I so easily forget in the midst of chaos or busyness.

    The scriptures you referenced really helped.

    Thank you for sharing. It is something I have struggled with for way too long.

    1. Lisa, Thank you for your comment! I’m so glad this episode was helpful to you.

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