The Wordless Book and Christmas Ornaments

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Does anyone else remember Wordless books from Sunday School? My mom carried a small cardboard one in her purse for a time when I was little. I was fascinated because the gold page was actually shiny gold and not just yellow.

wordless book one

So what do the Wordless book and Christmas ornaments have in common?

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with a Wordless book, the book is simply pages of colors and you can share the Gospel story as you turn the colored pages. The first Wordless book is linked to the sermon of Charles H. Spurgeon entitled, The Wordless Book. You can find the sermon here and below I’ve framed a short-form outline of points and colors. DL Moody added the gold color and Child Evangelism Fellowship added the green.

Today as I was sitting on the floor by the Christmas tree with my little ones, we were talking about all the ornaments on the tree. And the Wordless book and its message raced to the forefront of my mind as my eyes drank in the colors of the ornaments.


Black is for the darkness of the entire world. When Adam and Eve chose to sin, the whole world became dark with sin.


Red is for the blood of Jesus that covers all our sins. When Christ died on the cross and his blood was shed, his sacrifice paid the price of sin for all humankind.


White represents our transformation from black as sin to whiter than snow when we accept Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and trust Him as our Savior.


Gold represents the streets of gold in Heaven and how wonderful Heaven is going to be.


Green tells of Christian growth and the importance of being intentional in our faith.

So I wanted to share the idea with you and maybe your kiddos will be sitting around the Christmas tree or your grandkids will be visiting and you can discuss the Gospel message using Christmas tree ornaments. Or perhaps you can share it with your Sunday School class or someone else God places in your path.

How do you like this adaptation of the Wordless book? I’d love to read your ideas. Will you share them with us?







  1. I have used the Wordless Book in many ways over the years. There is even a song that goes with it too 🙂 My current “Wordless Book” is a Salvation bracelet I wear that is beaded with crystal glass beads and sterling silver wiring and clasp. I have a friend who makes beautiful jewelry and she has made several of these for me to be tools for evangelism and gifts. I have also done the ornaments before on a Christmas tree too. Thanks for your post. God bless you with a very Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Wonderful, I love the wordless book message and have made them with our Sunday School kids over the years using construction paper. I have in mind to make some felt wordless books with the kids, perhaps after Christmas. I never thought of using ornaments. We used “adornaments” with the kids – each ornament represents one of the names of Christ. Thanks for the ideas. Much appreciation.

  3. Rachel, I had never heard of the wordless book. The colors all seemed so vibrant in my mind as I read along and envisioned them. To do the same with Christmas ornaments is such a beautiful idea! I can’t wait to share it! God bless!

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