Who Is Jesus to Me?

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Do you think of Jesus as a friend? Your Savior? A good man who lived thousands of years ago?

Because what you believe about Jesus defines who you are.

For the March Bible reading challenge here on the blog, we finished Hebrews and we’re in the book of James. Yesterday I read this verse again and I’ve always found it very interesting:

You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe—and shudder! James 2:18

Believing Jesus is the Son of God isn’t all there is to know about Jesus, right?
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How I Came to Know Jesus

I grew up in a Christian home and my mama took me to church the first week I was born. At 6 years of age, I walked down the aisle of a Baptist church and told the pastor I wanted to get baptized. I remember afterwards my dad asking me “Have you been saved?” Honestly, I had no idea what “saved” meant. All I knew was that I loved Jesus and wanted him to always be with me and that I was sorry for my sin. I knew that he had forgiven me and I wanted others to know how much I loved Jesus. From what I could understand, getting baptized would show folks that. So being a very logical and faith-filled 6 year old girl, I wanted to get baptized. No one asked me if I wanted to do it; I just knew it was my next step. I also remember being so nervous to walk in front of everyone that I went to the bathroom just before the pastor invited folks to come to the front. Just to make sure my nerves didn’t get the best of me, you know.

I’m still learning who Jesus is every day. Relationships work that way. It wasn’t until I was into my twenties that I really began to understand how much God really loved me and how to start purposely learning to live for Him. At that point, I started to move from striving to thriving.

Understanding Who Jesus Is as a Preteen and Teen

Jesus Is Student Edition: Discovering Who He Is Changes Who You Are

Recently I was given the privilege of reviewing the student version of a book, Jesus Is ___________, by Judah Smith. When I was a 10-14 year old,the targeted age for this book, I didn’t have a ton of Christian books to read. Of course, back then, we used The World Encyclopedia set (still sitting on the bookshelf in my dad’s house today!) for our school research and we were blessed to own a beautiful set of Bible storybooks. Two of them, actually.

But we didn’t have anything like this-Jesus Is ______ book by Judah Smith. I came to know who Jesus is through reading the Bible and spending time getting to know him. But wow, I see so much potential in quickly understanding more about Jesus from this wonderful book!

Jesus is life. Jesus is grace. Jesus is your friend. And that’s only the beginning!

What Jesus Would Say to Today’s Teen

One of my favorite features in this book is a little section,”What God Might Write in Your Yearbook.” I won’t say which of my children did this, but I actually found a piece of paper in our home that says “Yearbook Signature Practice Sheet.” And it was full of signatures. So I fell in love with this little section of Judah’s book because as a mom, I got a sneak peek at just how important this is to students! Here are a few examples of what God might write in your yearbook:

You make me smile! I love being  a part of your life.

You’re perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing about you.

Guess what? I know your future and it’s awesome!

You Can Win A Copy of the Student Version of Jesus Is __________

Today I’m privileged to be giving away a copy of this cool book. Simply leave a comment answering the question:

How did you come to know who Jesus is?

Giveaway is open through 3/18/15.


PS: Judah Smith has a new book, Life Is__________, that only recently released March 3, 2015. I’m currently reading through it. You want to discover how to live life to the fullest? This book holds some incredible instruction on the topic!

Life Is _____.: God’s Illogical Love Will Change Your Existence

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  1. Fiona Banfield says:

    I came to know Jesus when I was a teenage. I had gone to church all of my life. I remember being baptized at age 13, but I did not really know who he was and I did not believe that he really loved. For a few years I followed Jesus but then there was a dark time in my life and I fell away from Jesus. Decision that I made caused this and decision others made for me. Sexually abuse, alcohol abuse, an abortion, a failed marriage and two kids. It wasn’t until I met my current husband and had my fourth child that I finally came back to God. It was all by his doing. He knew what I needed in my life. I attended a small group (40 days of purpose) at my mom’s house with two of my very best friends and realized through this study that God does have a purpose for my life! It has been a very slow process but I know that everything that happened is for God’s glory. His grace is sufficient. God is so good!!!

  2. Gabby Lozito says:

    I came to know Jesus when my kindergarten teacher taught me about His sacrificial love for me. I grew up in a christian home and used to go to a christian school, but it wasn’t until this past summer when I truly learned who Jesus was through a life changing decision and experience

  3. Christina Aragon says:

    I came to know Jesus in 1994. I didn’t grow up in a Christian home. One day my mom invited me to a small church she was attending, it surprised to hear that she was going to church and how she gave her life to the Lord. She’s gone now, passed away in 2007. I will never forget that day when she invited me and so I went to see what all the ruckus was about that had my mom so happy and excited. To my surprised little did I know that I was going to meet Jesus too.

  4. I remember the very first time I really met my best friend, It was while I was in a abusive relationship with my first husband, I had lost all hope and self respect and then He came to my rescue, He took me by the hand and said Lisa Marie I love you , you are my beautiful diamond that sparkles so bright, come will you dance with me. That moment changed my life forever. He loved me, God sent His son to die for me.

    As we danced He reminded me of all that He created me to be, not what man thought of me. I became His daughter, His beloved and He became my night in shinning armor, hero and my protector, actually my everything………I then realized He was not just a man a myth or a God I could not see. He was and still is ALL that I need…… My best friend. I was about 27 then, I am 54 now and we still dance together 🙂

  5. I have really come to know Jesus over the last three years. Oct 7 2012 I gave my life to Christ once he revealed to me I wasn’t really his child like I thoughtnfor so many years. In August of 2012 I left my abusive husband and got me, my two year old and unborn child into a safe and Godly environment. Christ showed me he was the protector and provider. He has provided for me in so many ways I would run out of characters to type it all. God is truly awesome and the love Christ has shown me is incredible. I didn’t know what true, unconditional love is yet He loves me, even as flawed and messed up as I can be. I know Christ as my personal savior and look forward to spending eternity praising his beautiful being!

  6. I came to know Jesus as a child, also. I was saved at a revival when I was ten years old. Having always been taken to church I knew the next step was baptism. However, I really think that I didn’t know how to dedicate my whole life to Him at such a young age. When I was sixteen, I came to that understanding and dedicated my whole being to God! What a revelation! I truly believe that I was saved at ten, but I rededicated as a teen and I am so thankful that I did!

  7. I was a very low point in my high school life. I met a nice young man that was a Christian. I was 16 years old. I went to service with him and his family. I found out about God ~ someone that truly loves me for who I am . I could not even imagine someone loving me so much…..I could not stop reading His Word. Since then I have worked very hard through all of life’s ups and downs to continue walking close to God.

  8. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

    I just wrote my first blog on how I came to know Jesus..a wild journey from a Catholic girlhood revering the Virgin Mary, to leaving Catholism, to Buddhism, new age explorations, and more..and finally a powerful dream about Jesus changes my life!
    here’s the blog:

  9. After my brother prayed for me for eight years, I was able to attend a church service with him. And after initially not going up to the altar when an invitation was given, I did after church still receive Jesus in the prayer room. My life drastically changed from drinking, smoking, promiscuity, etc to quietness, and wanting this sort of life. I look back and realize I was search during those years and didn’t know it. In many ways, my life became harder because I had to make some serious difficult decisions, such as breaking up with a non-believing fiance. But, I can see Jesus woven throughout the eight years, and in the years since becoming a follower of Jesus, and many things miraculous. In many ways it has been hard, but the hard places are where I grew to see and know Who Jesus is.

    I watched a 30 minute film last night based on a Max Lucado story and a quote as the basis of the story is “Who a person loves is who the person is”

  10. I came to know Jesus shortly after my mom got saved. I was 9 years old and she couldn’t help sharing the truth that she now knew. Each one of my siblings followed suit and we all serve Him with all our heart to this day. I am soo grateful for my mom and her introducing me to my SAVIOR!!! Life with Him is FULL!

  11. I come to know Jesus through prayer, faith, grace, and listening to others and the journeys they’ve experienced.

  12. As a 9 year old girl in a revival service at my church. To this day (I am 44), I can still remember that sermon, the seat I was sitting in, and how my life was forever changed on that day.

  13. I came to know Jesus by spending time in His word, in prayer with him, attending a Christian school, and going to church whenever the doors were open!

  14. My grandmother took me to church & I always had such a longing to know God. I still long to know His will for me. He is wonderful. I’m so thankful that I’m saved. Thank you for this opportunity. You have blessed me so much.

  15. Like the Brenda who already posted, me too! I grew up in church and my family prayed before meals and set the example of Bible reading in our home. When our twins were born, I made the conscious decision to raise them in church, a fellowship of believers, as well. God is good!

  16. I am coming to know Jesus as… It’s not that I haven’t been learning who He is, through Bible reading, church, Bible studies, etc., but last year I was diagnosed with cancer and took a huge leap in knowing Him. From the moment I learned of the cancer until now, I have not had one moment of anxiety or unease. When told, I was stunned for just a second and then just said to Jesus, “I know you’ll be with me, no matter what the outcome and I trust you to do what’s best.” I have been amazed at the journey I have been on for the last six months! I have never felt such closeness to Him! He has given me such peace and comfort that I have been able to continue on with abundant joy and hope. I can feel such love from Him that it is almost overwhelming, at times. He is all, to me.

  17. I can honestly say that I came to know Jesus as an adult. I grew up believing in Jesus, but not as I do now. I just believed, that was it. I didn’t share him, know him or even worshiped him when I was young. I just believed. Now I can say that as an adult, WOW I really got & am knowing who he is. Now I can say I celebrate Jesus, celebrate God. I can say now I’m learning more & more about him and it’s an awesome feeling. Through my trials & tribulations, he’s been with me through it all.

  18. When I was I child I went to Sunday school with a family friend and once I got so old I stopped going. I knew of Jesus but really didn’t know what he could do until my son was born 10 weeks premature! (I was 29 then) once my son was home for a few months we got in church and then saved. Jesus won our hearts forever!! We have one amazing God!

  19. I grew up going to church. Every time the doors were open, my family was there. My parents were very involved in church and so were we. When I was 5 I knew with the faith of a 5 year old I needed Jesus as my Savior. In my teen years I realized my relationship with Jesus had to be my own not just what my parents had or expected. My relationship has been a journey as is all of ours but I am thankful every day for the hope I have in Him.

  20. I came to know Jesus as Savior at age 14 at a presentation of a Passion Play. I knew I was a sinner and needed Him.

    As far as learning who Jesus is, I’m discovering that every day. I learn new things about Him all the time. I don’t think I’ll truly know who He is until I get to Heaven and see Him face to face.

  21. I came to know who Jesus is very early on in life but I really started to see how incredible He was when I was about 17 and had gotten really sick. He is and was truly faithful in who He says He is!

  22. I came to know who jesus is by going to Sunday school when I was young. My mom never went to church but she sent me every Sunday.

  23. Tiffany Smith says:

    I guess I always knew who Jesus was and knew that we thanked God in his son’s name, but that was a mere blessing or two here and there, or the occasional visit to the church that was walking distance from our house. I do remember my parents making sure that we knew we could go anytime we wanted to. I learned later that knowing Jesus and and knowing who is was were two different things. Anybody can know who he is, but only some really know him. In October of 2007 I went to a Outdoorsman Extravaganza at my now home church, it wasn’t until that year that I really got a true vision of who Jesus was, through the love and selflessness the people of Victory Tabernacle showed to me and my younger sister. We were accepted immediately, just the way we were, and those people, whom I love dearly, poured the love of Christ into us, and that is how the fire to know Christ was ignited in me, over the past 7 years I have sought out who he was and what he did and if it had not been for the true love of Christ through those people that day I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

  24. I came to really know Jesus when I was 26, I am now 43. I did not grow up in a faith filled Christian home but I had friends who did. These families were an example to me. When I was 26 and my oldest child was about 6 months old I decided I wanted my own children to be raised in a Christian home. My husband was agnostic at the time and supported my going to church but did not attend with me for 4 more years. Within a few weeks of making the decision I found a church and a new family, my Christian brothers and sisters and started my journey with Christ. I was baptized at 28 when my second child was a baby. I was truly reborn and felt a completeness I never had felt before. After many trials, the birth of another sweet child and lots and lots of prayer my husband accepted Christ as his Savior. My dream of having my own children raised in a Christian home became a reality. Jesus changed my life.

  25. I came to know Jesus as a child but it was after I was a young adult that I really found Jesus because I had tried to live what I thought was the “Good Life” and found this was not the life for me and Jesus rescued me from the pits of Hell and opened my heart-opened my eyes and gave me “New Life!”

  26. I had been raised in a Catholic home, went to a parochial school, so I was taught ABOUT Jesus at a very early age.
    My parents weren’t “practicing”. My mom always said that a Catholic school was the best education around. That’s why I was there.
    I went through the routine daily, the prayers, the kneeling at church, everything a “good” catholic did.
    Even though I was there, learning, I never REALLY learned who Jesus was (to me).
    It wasn’t until my 5 year old (at this time I was 44) asked me where Jesus lived. I was shocked to say the least. Not growing up in a practicing household, I really didn’t talk to her about religion. She also kept asking me when she could go visit Him and see His house.
    Feeling guilt and ashamed I searched out a local church that didn’t cater to any specific denomination and called to see what, if any, children’s activities they had or anything for kids.
    I actually was talking to the children’s pastor. He asked me the usual questions about my faith and what not. I told him we would be there the coming Sunday, needless to say I didn’t go.
    Again at the urging of my 5 year old daughter we finally made it…..I was SHOCKED throughout the service. Remember I had gone to a VERY conservative school and sometimes church. As I sat very close to the exit, watching, all I could hear was my mother saying that those “bible thumpers” all belonged to a cult! Honestly I was scared. To make an even longer story short, I kept going back, something about this church was refreshing! It was a happy time, people actually said hello to me, hugged me, made me feel welcome. About 3 months later I asked the Lord into my heart and started serving Him. It was during those months that I truly learned who Jesus was and how much He loves us! My daughter is 17 now and has her own ministry at church. She coaches the Praise and Worship dance team and is living for the Lord also!

  27. Hi Rachel,
    I was born in a Christian family And knew Jesus from a very early age but I got saved in 2013 when I did a discipleship course And came to know of salvation and how I am assured of it. Since then I enjoy the walk along with the Lord and digging into the word to deepen relationship with him.

    Your website id simply awesome and I am inspired by you.

    Best Regards

  28. Natasha Page says:

    I came to know Jesus through a Joy Bus ministry that came through the neighborhood and picked up kids who wanted to go to church. I doubt that a church could even run such a program nowadays and I probably wouldn’t let my kids get on a bus and go somewhere with strangers! But there I was- probably about 10 or 12. And when all the other kids went off to Sunday School, I stayed in Big Church and listened. I was taken and soon responded to an altar call.

    1. Oh Natasha!! This story is close to my heart. For years and years, my dad drove the church bus in our little town. We saw so many people come to Christ just because they got a ride to church. xo

  29. I came to know Jesus by watching my family sing Gospel songs in the choir. I knew that there is something about God that was special then that I had to know him too.

  30. I came to Jesus as a result of the prayers of my great grandfather praying for the 3rd and 4th generations even before he was married. His children, all involved in ministry, carried the torch on to their children and so on until my parents, determining to be that 1st generation again, lived, breathed Jesus until all 5 of us siblings accepted Jesus as our Savior. I, with my husband have determined to be that 1st generation again for our children, and our children’s children if the Lord so tarries.

  31. Roberta Nickell says:

    I learned about Jesus being my Savior as a child in Sunday school. But I didn’t start having a true understanding and a relationship with Jesus until I hit rock bottom after my divorce and He was my light and strength that carried me through those dark and frightening times. 22 yrs. ago the Lord brought an awesome man of God into my life who has taught me so much about who Jesus is and what a relationship with Jesus looks like. Though I’ve been baptized several times, I’m going to ask my husband to baptize me, “in Jesus name” this Easter. My 11 yr. old granddaughter has asked her Papa to baptize her, as well.

  32. Jessica Douglas says:

    I came to know Jesus through my parents and church but he speaks to me on a daily basis and is really helping me grow to love and know him more each and every day..!!

  33. I came to know Jesus at 6 years of age. My earthly father was abusive and told me I was worthless. My Heavenly Father called me princess! Jesus was my best friend! Three of my kids are in the target age range for this book, I would love to share it with them. Thank you for the giveaway!

  34. I came to know who Jesus is by growing up in church and learning by listening to and watching my parents, pastors, and Sunday School teachers.

  35. I was 38 weeks pregnant and about to have my first son. Well, the Lord had different plans and took my little man to Heaven to be my Angel. At this moment in the hospital and sense of peace came over me and I could feel his presence. No I could not see him but I could feel him giving me strength,comfort and unconditional love. What an amazing Man!! He used this moment to transform me in his image. From this point forward I’m no longer the same person but better and enjoy my relationship with the Lord.

  36. I came to know Jesus as a senior in college when a Campus Crusade for Christ worker share their booklet, The Four Spiritual Laws, with me. My heart was ready because my freshman roommate was a Christian and talked about Jesus and read her Bible all the time. That was the first time I really heard about Jesus. 🙂

    1. Oh Lori! Love it- our family supports a Campus Crusade for Christ young man missionary.

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