Who Could Use A Word of Encouragement

Today I received a wonderful gift.  Two gifts, actually.

While the physical nature of the two gifts is needed and wanted, the greater gift was the two handwritten notes that accompanied the gifts.  Neither giver knows the other.  The two gifts are completely unrelated in any way. But the orchestration of their deliverance was completely God-ordained.  To be received-today.

A day when the Lord knew I needed some encouragement.  Over the past few days I had opened myself up to be used in ways clearly stretching my “normal” being.  Stepping out to expose my weaknesses and reveal HIS strength, I hardly slept in preparation. Making choices that would open up places in my heart that while healed, they have a bit of scar tissue.  Sharing my story with others through opportunities provided by none other than my Heavenly Father is thrilling! But also, a bit scary. Ok, a lot scary.

And He cares so much about little ole me that two different people provided blessings to me with their words today. TWO!

The first card is so humbling.  A dear woman was thanking me- not for anything I did, but for giving her the opportunity to serve. Such a delightful heart! Still amazes me to think about.  And I vowed to:

Be thankful for every opportunity to serve.  This is true thankfulness- the kind that recognizes the blessing of service.

The second card was just as precious.  While this blessed woman paid many compliments to me, really for nothing I did, but what Christ does, the number one thing standing out to me in all her gift of words:

Thank you for talking to me.

Our conversation was so brief! And it hit me:

Everyone needs encouragement.

From the oldest to the youngest.

From the richest to the poorest.

Whether “Words of Affirmation” are your love language or not…

Everyone needs encouragement.

So who is it?

The woman at the bus stop?

Your hair stylist?

Your mailman?

Cause I just have a feeling that in divine orchestration, today your path is crossing with someone else….someone…

who could use a word of encouragement.

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  1. Everyone.

    As a teacher, I endeavor to share encouragement with so many of my kids each day–one on one. But at the same time, I feel they focus on what they feel are negatives, this is so true of this year’s group.

    But reminders like this are still important to me, I must take them to heart!

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