When You Love Somebody

Toddler T has a winning way. I was watching the reactions of people the other day as they watched her; they couldn’t help but smile at her.

Joyfully treading through the store, somewhat alongside Mommy, her pigtails bouncing. A gray and white leopard dress with its red trim seemed to suit her little personality, wild, yet soft. Furry and fuzzy. The red trim accented her little joyous movements, her twirls “like a ballerina” and her hands flitting through the air dramatically. With her vocabulary expanding more each day, her words form longer sentences…and occasionally jumble.

And here lately, she often asks:

Mommy, can I hold you?

I’ve been thinking about this for a couple days…why she asks if she can hold me. It doesn’t matter that her pronouns are twisted; her meaning is poignant.

She wants to be close to Mama. Feel my cheek next to hers. Hear my voice whisper in her ear. She wants to not just be loved, but feel loved. Have that beautiful feeling of security. She wants that personal, intimate connection that only a parent and child enjoy.

An unconditional relationship of unconditional love.

Just what our Heavenly Father wants to share with us.

Our Abba…Papa.

And this little story has driven me to my knees tonight…when was the last time you prayed:

Daddy, can I hold you?

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  1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

    Thanks for stopping Meg! One of the things I love about blogging….we can look back and remember those moments so easily. Have a great night!

  2. Oh what a sweet and tender moment! My little toddler jumped into my arms today (after some trying issues!) and just said, “Mommy! I love you!” I felt so full of love and thankfulness. What an honor to be able to raise our sweet children and have a living picture of Christ’s love for us.

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