5 Easy Things for Do Something Nice Day

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I've found no better way to encourage myself than to be purposeful about encouraging someone else. So to spark this motivation into lasting for the entire week, below you will find 5 easy things for Do Something Nice Day.

One of the things that I love about my husband is that he makes me laugh. And one of the silly things we laugh about is random holidays that no one really understands how they came about. I tried to research the history of “National Do Something Nice Day.” And folks, I came up dry. Nada. Zilch. No one knows who created “Do Something Nice Day” and it’s a very unofficial holiday.

Regardless, I’m here to inform you that today, October 5th, is “Do Something Nice Day.” Hooray!

Seriously, ya’ll know I love to encourage folks and try hard to promote simple and easy things you can say or do to encourage others. I’ve found no better way to encourage myself than to be purposeful about encouraging someone else. So to spark this busy Monday into motivation for the entire week, below you will find 5 easy things for Do Something Nice Day.

1. Pay a compliment.

Isn’t it awesome that you can pay something that is free? Compliments don’t cost a dime, yet they are worth a fortune. Whether it’s a random word to the store clerk or a more intuitive remark to a friend, compliments are a wonderful, free way to do something nice for someone. If you could use a few words to help you figure out just what to say, check out the following lists of things to say to encourage a friend, your children, or your husband.

2. Write a note.

Another super easy and free way to do something nice for someone without spending a huge amount of time or money is to write a note. Handwritten notes are such a luxury in our current culture. Taking just a couple minutes to write out a note can mean the world to someone. If you have beautiful notecards, use them. But could I encourage you to scribble something on whatever you have on hand? I’ve been known to write on my kids’ school lunch napkins.  If you can’t think of what to write, copy an inspirational Scripture verse and just say “I’m thinking of you!”

3. Send an email or text.

The beauty of our continual connections is that it allows us to be thoughtful in an instant. Even as you are reading this post, you could pause and shoot a quick email or text to the person God has laid on your heart in this moment.

4. Make a phone call.

It almost seems old-fashioned, doesn’t it? To actually pick up the phone and talk, as in “out loud.” Wow! I’ve found that phone calls are becoming more and more obsolete. If the person doesn’t answer, then leave that awkward voicemail! It’s better than keeping your encouraging words to yourself, right?

5. Create a simple reminder.

I am not a crafter. I truly enjoy certain arts and creating beautiful things, but, well, see sidebar exhibit “the Woj tribe.” Time can seem to vanish at my house. However, if I can do this little project, then you can do it too!

First, go outside and find a smooth, clean stone. Maybe you have to stop at a park to find one. Perhaps you even have to drop by a craft store and buy a bag. Whatever works for your personal situation, but find a little rock.  Secondly, take a Sharpie (or for me, it’s a Zigwriter) and write out a Bible verse or inspiring quote right on the rock, like this:

If you are breathing, then life has meaning. #onemorestep

Sometimes the boldest thing we can do is just take the next breath. – One More Step

To help you explain the reason you are writing on a rock, you can print out this little poem and include it with your art gift.

It's super easy to add a little stone to this poem for a simple gift of encouragement!

Click HERE or on the graphic above to open a pdf with two copies of the poem. Print your poem and you are good to go!

Now, you have a pocket stone gift and poem to give for Do Something Nice Day or any day you want to encourage someone else to keep going. Yay! That was super easy,wasn’t it? This little artwork would be a fabulous project for a child to do.

Children LOVE to do encouraging things for others and it’s easy to teach them how simple it can be through this project. For another fabulous resource and one of my FAVORITE children’s books, check out Everybody Can Help Somebody

It doesn’t have to be something “big” or take a lot of money or require a special skill or talent. No matter who you are, you can be an encourager. Perhaps today is your first real “Do Something Nice Day.”

See you tomorrow!

By his grace,


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  1. Thanks SO much for this simple yet poignant post Rachel! All good things to put into practice with our kiddos!

  2. Love the ideas – a little kindness can be so easy to give, but can make such a huge impact on the receiver.

  3. GREAT ideas! LOVE this-thanks Rachel!

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