7 Ways to Renew Your Spirit

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At the beginning of the calendar year, many people are thinking of the opportunity for a fresh start.  We set new goals and look toward the days ahead as a common New Year practice.  For some, the holiday rush is over and routine kicks in a bit more solidly. But oh how quickly routine can morph into a drudge.  How do we keep this from happening?



Today I’d like to give you 7 ways to renew your spirit when you feel that routine is slipping into monotony. No rocket science- just a few ideas that have worked for me!   Here we go:

1. Find a new creative outlet. 

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to paint or knit.  Find a time slot in your schedule and start!  New avenues of artistic expression often lift the spirit like nothing else can.

2. Read a new book. 

The book could be a different style of writing than you typically read.  Or the topic of the book could be something that has always interested you, but about which you’ve not been knowledgeable.  Personally I just found a new book for special needs parents: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Children with Special Needs. Can’t wait to read it this year!

3. Work on a cleaning or organization project. 

After the holidays, there is always a drawer or cabinet that needs a makeover.  Make a schedule to help you knock it out a little at a time-great for seeing long term progress.

4. Exercise!

There is nothing like a run to renew my spirit.  Maybe you’re not a runner, but you love to swim.  Whatever your “thing” is, be sure the time is carved out of your schedule to do it.

5. Attend a Bible study. 

The winter months at the beginning of the year are the months I crave spiritual nurturing and fellowship more than any other.

6. Help someone in need.

Whenever I can feel my spirit beginning to get bogged down in my own issues, I turn my focus to helping others.  Purposefully encouraging others has a restorative effect on my own spirit- try it!

7. Get outdoors for a few minutes.

If you live in a cold winter area, then even a few minutes of fresh air can be exhilarating. Taking a short, brisk walk can work wonders.

I’d love to hear what you do when you feel your spirit needing restoration!

Can you share it with us in the comments below?

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  1. Rachel, thanks for all the tips! Have not seen the Chicken Soup for the Soul: Children With Special Needs book yet. Sounds like a great gift for the parents of my students and of course for Tara and I as we cherish Andrew! Gonna check that out tomorrow! I bet they will love it! And I think I will get one for Eddie’s mom and dad too! Always keep Taylor and your family in my prayers! God bless!

  2. Such good ideas, Rachel! I love them all and have done them all at different times in my life. I am going to work on #1 and try to take up knitting again. I will be sitting with my mom for many hours and keeping my hands busy will be a blessing to me as well as the people who benefit from what I create (sure hope they turn out good!!!)
    As always, thank you for the link up! This is a great community of writers who I am blessed to call home every Wednesday!

    1. I’d love to have more time to sew. Somehow I can never squeak it in with my crew. Thank you for linking up!!

  3. Thanks Rachel for posting this! What I do might sound a little funny but what helps me is baking at night time when everyone is as sleep lol. I don’t know what it is but I find that baking helps me keep my mind at ease. It works out great because we all get to enjoy whatever I bake the next day. My days are pretty busy with my family running around and trying to keep the house neat and clean at the same time. So most nights before I read my bible and go to bed, I usually bake something yummy 🙂

  4. Thanks as always, Rachel for your linkup – always such a joy to link here, read your posts and share with your community. Loving the new look 🙂
    Mel from Essential Thing Devotions

  5. So happy the new year is here! Your tips are helpful – have to say I’ve taken on a few myself including more regular exercise, volunteer work, and reading a new book.

  6. Nancy Miller says:

    Thank you for the reminders … Keep moving forward! Thanking Jesus for you.

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