20 Ways to Know If You are Too Busy

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With a schedule change in close proximity for many of us, ┬átoday I was thinking about how often I hear people say: “Wow, you must be busy.” Or “I am just too busy.” Or “We are just too busy for that.”

And I really don’t want to use the excuse of being “too busy” as a Christian, a wife, or a mom.

Today I was thinking about ways to know if you are too busy and I though I would share this list with you. Just in case some of you wonder whether or not you’re too busy. ­čśë Now keep in mind that these points will happen to all of us occasionally. But if you find yourself in repetition mode on any one item, then you’re probably too busy.

ways to know that you are too busy

1. If you find yourself skipping your quiet time with God, with the promise that you will catch up later, but never doing it, then you are too busy.

2. If you skip meals a few times a week or the same meal every day, then you’re too busy.

3. If you are continually saying to someone, “I’m sorry, could you wait just a minute?”, then you’re probably too busy.

4. If you get impatient when waiting at a drive-thru window for more than 4 minutes, then you just might be too busy.

5. If you are losing touch with the ones you love the most, you are definitely too busy.

6. If you feel stressed for no direct reason, then you could be too busy.

7. If those you love have stopped asking for your time, then you’re definitely too busy.

8. If you can’t remember the last time you were ahead of schedule, you are too busy.

9. If you continually feel tired even after sleeping all night, you might be too busy.

10. If you never take a time of rest during an entire week during the day, then you are probably too busy.

11. If you always do something else at the same time as eating meals, other than  conversation or relationship-building, then you are too busy.

12. If you find yourself forgetting routine steps of daily living, you may be too busy.

13. If you continually feel worried about how you are spending your time, you might simply be too busy.

14. If your schedule continually provides a feeling of being overwhelmed, you are probably too busy.

15. If you forget to pray before meals, you might be too busy.

16. If you can’t remember the last time you took time off, you are probably too busy.

17. If you don’t know when you last studied your Bible, you are definitely too busy.

18. If you have missed several weeks of church in a row, you could be too busy.

19. If simple activities feel ginormous, then possibly you’re too busy.

20. If you said yes to several of the above statements, you’re too busy.

So if you know you are too busy, then what do you do about it?

You learn to say “No.” Honestly, when I’ve evaluated the times that I knew I was too busy,┬áit was because I overcommitted and overscheduled. I just needed to learn to say “No.”

How do you feel about being “too busy?” I would appreciate your sharing so much!




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  2. Thanks for the simply put busy list. It makes us pay attention when its in black and white. I finally found out how to say no although I can still find times when I overextend myself. It took some health concerns and wake up calls and I finally realized that I wanted some peace and time with my family and most of all time with God. With God’s help I am learning. I appreciated reading all the comments and reminders! We have to remember in all that we do, we want God to get the Glory!

    A work in progress!

  3. Hey!

    My husband & I are in a season of BUSY due to support raising full time and full time collegiate ministry. We do not like being busy and any chance we have to say no we do :). I’ve always lived my life simply and laid back so this season of busy is killing me. I’m not sure how some people live this way ALL the time.

  4. many wear busyness like a badge of honor as if it’s a good thing. they glorify it. we all have “seasons” of what the world likes to call busyness, I would ask rather, am i being busy or am i being fruitful? both are going to have a lasting impact on our lives and those we do life with. what honors God most? what draws us closer to God and what draws us away. who’s being glorified in my state of “busyness?” i usually find it’s me;( just say NO!

    1. Caroline Grossman says:

      Great list and I love Marie’s comment.

  5. Impatient in a drive-through? Yes – but then I am IN that drive through because of the schedule! Spot-on list!

  6. I knew I was busy but didn’t know how busy I was until I read this. Even at this moment my mind is rushing through what has to be done today. I sometimes feel like I am going to fall apart piece by piece. Thanks for sharing this, I really need to find a way to slow down. Blessings

    1. Learning to say “no” has been a journey for me- not an overnight success. I’m such a people pleaser that I had to take a few hard knocks before I realized that it hurt my family not to say “No.” Blessings to you!

  7. Mary Beth Faile says:

    Yes I am guilty! I knew I was too busy before I even read your post. I am thankful that I will get some down time this summer. Thanks for the reminders that my life is way too crazy! (:

  8. I recently resigned from my job and took a less demanding position. I said yes to most of these 20 reasons and I wish I had made changes sooner. Thank you for affirming my decision and realigning my perspective.

    1. So good that you realized it before the busyness caused severe health or relationship problems. I think that happens to many of us- we aren’t aware of being too busy until it causes a severe issue. Blessings to you April!

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