You Want the Perfect Christmas

perfect christmas

Have you ever thought you could achieve the perfect Christmas?

Pull it all off without glitches?

Give everyone the exact gift they want?

I’ve wished for it. Thought on it. But never truly achieved it.

Is the perfect Christmas a possibility?

You Want The Perfect Christmas

You want the perfect Christmas?

To keep the traditions

You coordinate renditions

Of colorful gift wrap and ribbons.

“Twas the night” is included

No dance of the Nutcracker excluded.

Yet they don’t fulfill.

They simply spill

A few sprinkles of temporary happiness

Like the sugar cookies baked from scratch,

You catch a momentary glimpse of joy

Then it’s gone.


You search for the perfect gift.

Avoiding the snuggies,

A Red Rider won’t work,

Yet you can’t shirk

This once a year opportunity to please

The ones you love

How hard can it be?


You strive for holiday bliss.

The Christmas bells ring;

Lovely carols you sing

Because you have no doubt

that the best way to spread Christmas cheer

Is singing loud for all to hear.

Yet your soul feels worse

Your spirit perhaps cursed

And your heart as small and unfulfilled

As the Grinch in his sled on top of the hill.


You want the perfect Christmas?

He waits for you at the stable

See him lying as a babe in a manger

His life laid down for you a stranger

His birth

His blood

His joy

All for you and it all began with

The Perfect Christmas.

Don’t miss it.

Relive it.

Soak it in.

Be renewed in Him.

When you get what it means

To have the perfect Christmas,

Then truly

It’s a wonderful life.


Silent Night Spoken Word from Cypress Church on Vimeo.


  1. Thank you Rachel! Put’s the focus back where it belongs for our Christmas; on Jesus. Blessings, Joanne

  2. Thank you for the reminder. Get so caught up in the superficial idea of “Christmas”May God bless you. Happy Holidays.

  3. This was so lovely! Thank you for bringing it to life by adding the spoken version of the poem. Have a blessed week and Christmas my friend! Much love!

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