Top 5 Reasons I Ran a 1/2 Marathon

In January 2008, I had this wild idea to run with my husband.

News flash, People:

Just because you are thin doesn’t mean you are IN SHAPE!

So run I did. I stunk at it, but I did it. On April 26, 2008, Matt and I ran the Country Music ½ Marathon.

Matt is an incredible runner, having ten or so full marathons under his belt, as well as many shorter races. However, it was my first race. The obstacles were so numerous that I can’t even begin to list them. My dear husband could have run faster backwards than he was running with me, but he stuck with me. I encouraged him to go on, but his passion to be with me was far greater than his passion for the race. Long story short, Matt and I crossed the finished line together and the total experience is one I have cherished for so many reasons… and here are the top five:

5. My body was in better shape than it had been for years.

4. Getting into shape meant having an easier pregnancy and delivery last year.

3. Running became a huge mental blockbuster on many levels.

2. My husband and I grew closer together, had tons of laughs and connected on another plane.

1. I actually beat my husband! The irony of that moment when we looked in the newspaper the next day for our times and my name was listed as crossing one second before him is just hysterical.

Whatever race you are running at the moment, wherever your current journey is taking you, might I encourage you to stick with it?

“Seek the Lord and his strength, seek His face continually.” I Chronicles 16:11

Being WITH Him completely outweighs winning the race.

PS: Yep, here we go again! April 24, 2010 Country Music ½ Marathon!!


PSS: Here we go again! April 28, 2012 St. Jude Country Music 1/2 Marathon!! 

Update: 9-11-12

Yep, we’re training again.  But I must add to this post:

Running has a ton of benefits and I truly love it.  But my very favorite thing about running is my time with God while I run!


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  1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

    Way to go, Amy! I’m excited for you; you’ll have to keep me up to date! 🙂

  2. Hi Rachel, I enjoyed reading this so much because a half-marathon is on my 2012 list! Yes, I am seeking God’s strength in all aspects in my life today and will certainly have to for my race!
    Blessings, Amy

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