Together We’re Angels

Sometimes you have to stop what you are doing and remember why you’re doing it.  This  is one of those moments.

This Saturday, about 20 families will join together for a day of fun and sharing. All have a common bond: a child with a terminal illness, MPS (mucopolysaccharidoses).

So why do we plan and prepare for this great party every year?

To give others a glimpse of the joy we found through sharing life with another family who carries that same load as us.  

And to remember those families whose lives touched ours like no others could.  

Together We’re Angels

Together we’re angels

Just waiting to be.

Our hearts linked together

For all eternity.

We’re more than just friends;

Oh there is no doubt.

Though some folks don’t get it,

They can’t figure it out…

That together we’re angels

With halos and wings.

Our song lasts forever

Although we can’t sing.

Our bodies aren’t working

Exactly as they could,

But one day in Heaven,

They’ll work like they should.

Yes, together we’re angels;

That’s much more than friends.

We bond those around us

Like nothing else can.

This Saturday a few of our angels will be looking down on us from above.

We miss you,




& Kent.

Just can’t wait to see you all again.

In the mean time, we will love, hug, kiss and laugh with our dear ones still here. Trying to remember to never take life for granted

and to treasure the memories of each and every day.


  1. Debbie Vanderpool says:

    Alicia is not the only one! Hope you all have a wonderful day! ((((hugs))))

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