20 Things to Say to Encourage Your Wife

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encourage your wife

In the last couple weeks, we’ve published two articles that so many readers have loved and are enjoying in practical meaningful ways. 20 Ways to Encourage Your Husband and 20 Ways to Encourage Your Children.

As a result, I’ve had several requests for 20 Ways to Encourage Your Wife. I love it when readers make requests for information! So here we go.

1. Thank you for working so hard.

2. I love the way you took care of that.

3. You are such a great wife.

4. I really appreciate your faithfulness to our marriage.

5. Thanks for loving me so much.

6. You look hot. 

7. You did a fantastic job!

8. I can’t wait to be home together.

9. Can we have a date night?

10. You handled that situation like a pro.

11. I’m praying for you especially today.

12. You did the right thing.

13. I love what you did with that.

14. Thanks for helping me; I needed it.

15. It’s ok- doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

16. That’s a great idea!

17. You can do it; that’s a perfect position for you.

18. I love to see God using you.

19. Thanks for making me laugh- I love that about you.

20. I love you.

Now to be honest, this list is exactly the same as the husband’s, as pointed out by another reader, with the exception of using the word “wife” in place of “husband.” However, I wanted to provide the printable because it was reader-requested and I think each of the printables would make great tools to use for:

  • marriage conferences
  • marriage retreats
  • Valentine’s banquets
  • wedding gift baskets
  • couples gift baskets
  • bridal showers

Click here or on the graphic for the printable to open as a .pdf.

encourage your wife printable

 Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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  1. Jennifer O says:

    Would it be wrong of me to print this out and leave it on my hubby’s desk? I’m just sayin’ I would love to hear these comments, especially 3, 6, and 14. Thanks for your ministry.

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