20 Things to Say to Encourage A Friend

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The world is a dark place when you have no friends. Have you ever been there? I remember a time in my life when my biggest prayer request was simply that God would give me a friend. It wasn’t that I didn’t know people in my church or people in my community. And I have an incredible husband and wonderful family. But I just needed a friend- someone who would understand without my explanation. One of those people who just “got it.” How, I didn’t totally comprehend, but I just knew this friend would be genuine and understanding.

I’m happy to say that the Lord gave me that friend. We enjoyed Bible studies together, both hosting studies and attending. Then, as I think back on this friendship, one of the sweetest parts of our friendship was encouraging each other.

Words of encouragement carry power. The weight of words can’t be measured in ounces and pounds, yet they are heavier than any weight. A little inspiration can go a long ways. In carrying through with a voice of encouragement, after providing 20 things to say to encourage your husband or wife and 20 things to say to encourage your children, I only found it fitting to create this list of 20 things to say to encourage your friend. Inspired by the following verse, today we’re encouraging friendship in Christ.

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver. Prov. 25:11

20 Things to Say to Encourage A Friend
1. Me too.
2. I understand.
3. Keep going-you can do it!
4. What a wonderful idea!
5. I’d love to pray with you about it.
6. How did it go?
7. That is awesome!
8. Thank you for being my friend.
9. Text me!
10. Let me know how it goes- I’ll be praying.
11. Do you need to talk?
12. I really appreciate you!
13. Have a fantastic time!
14. You’ve worked hard; you deserve it!
15. Way to go- you did great!
16. Let’s celebrate that accomplishment!
17. I was so impressed with the way you handled that.
18. You are a fabulous example in that area.
19. Is there anything I can do to help?
20. I brought you some chocolate. (PS: Only say this if the chocolate actually accompanies the statement. Otherwise, you won’t be considered a good friend. Or a friend at all.)

things to say to encourage a friend

I wanted to provide a printable for you- just in case you need the reminder, like I did, that in order to have friends, you need to be a friend. Just click HERE or on the graphic above and the PDF will open to print.

I’d love it if you could take a minute to answer:

What encouraging words have been spoken to you by a true friend? Would you share them with us?

Have a great day!



  1. I have tried everything…joined Bible studies…..going out of the way to help others….tried to encourage on facebook….and I have NO friends. A few facebook gamers form HS 45 yrs ago…..and cousins. I have a fb friend I have never met….who has a busy social life. At my age if friends haven’t kept up with you over the years its very hard to make new friends.

    1. Kate, my heart hurts for you. I understand what you are saying and much of friendship is about your location, etc. But know that Jesus is a friend who is ALWAYS with you. Right beside you. He never leaves and always listens. When I’ve been in situations where I needed friends and had none, I took comfort in the fact that I always have a friend in Jesus. I’m praying God will send you a flesh and blood friend though! And PS: There is an online community with groups designed by life category/age that you might enjoy! Check it out to see if it’s a fit: http://www.incourage.me/community/faq

  2. Makhanani Sithole says:

    Telling my friends that they are beautiful always lightens up their day. Sometimes, it takes hearing something twice or thrice in order for one to believe it.

  3. People usually don’t take to me because I’m too quiet. My new friend who is extremely outgoing and talkative said she wished she could be like me because I am so “inoffensive”. It was the first time anyone said my being quiet was a good thing.

  4. This post is such a blessing! I have a friend and the two of us encourage each other through Bible verses gleaned from our morning devotional time or other positive words we have read. It truly is a great way to center for the day and it is reassuring to know that you are not alone as you move throughout the day. The other blessing is that we both work together!!
    Have a great day and pray for Spring-like weather!!!

  5. Rachel this is a great list. Friends are a lifeline for us when we need encouragement. My friend recently celebrated with me as I met a running goal & then encouraged me to continue until I reached the ultimate goal.

  6. When I was struggling with issues with my oldest child, many people were critical of me, I was quite alone, my friend listened, and said she knew I had done my best and she would stake herself to me like a tomato plant and pray for me.

  7. When my friend remembers some obscure fact about me I know she loves me truly. To remember something from months or years ago tells me she holds me in her heart.

  8. A friend once came over and sat with me…the evening before one of the most difficult days of my life…she brought me a copy of “You’ll Get Through This” on CD by Martina McBride and just kept me from being alone … Her lack of words spoke volumes then and now.

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