There’s No Business Like Church Business

At the first of this year,in lieu of Tuesday, Thursday became Bible study day as part of my weekly schedule .  I’m so thankful for the opportunity to attend during the day while my older kids are at school, my husband is at work, and the study provides childcare for my two youngest for a small fee.  What a privilege!

The video-based study (Beth Moore- James: Mercy Triumphs) is phenomenal, and I’m not the only one enjoying it.

My 2 yr. old Tarah LOVES her play time with other children each week.  In fact, due to winter, I think she just enjoys getting out of the house!

Last Thursday, the little girlies and I arrived at the church for this study and Tarah began to shout and clap her hands before we even made it in the parking lot.

“My church! My church!” she excitedly chanted.  Her joyful, bubbling personality was as bright as ever.  Her excitement caught me a little off guard though.

The church I’m attending for the Bible study? It’s not “our” church. That is, we are not members or regular attenders there.

In fact, “our” church is not too far down the road. And boy, do we love it!  My husband has attended there for 15 years. I’ve attended for 12 years.  “Our” church is basically all our children know.

But I believe Tarah is on to something big.

Something huge.

What if Christians treated all churches as their own?

Before you get yourself all in a dither, just chill and hear me out for a minute.

I know, I know. People attend where they believe God calls them to be a part of the body. They look at all the logistics. The needs. The desires.  Where they think the Lord has a place for them to work. I get all that.

But what if we treated other churches as our own?  

What if there was no competition among brothers, but encouragement? 

What if we realized that we are all on the winning team for Christ?  That we all want to further the Gospel?

What if our differences were overlooked among one another and we truly looked at the church as

Our Church?

And that’s the question I’m pondering today.

What do you think?

I’d love to read your opinion in the comments below!

PS: That really IS my church above. What Hath God Wrought!


I received an email from a well-meaning friend about this post.  Because of her remarks,  I feel I should state that I am NOT propagating that we accept all religions as one.  I am merely suggesting that through the eyes of a child, we should look at gospel-preaching churches as community, not competition.


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  1. Hey Rachel, I LOVE this post! It’s on such an important topic… the complete body of Christ! What is true community, if it isn’t reaching beyond our own borders. Personally, I attend a pretty small (in size) church up in Maine… Most of my friends actually attend other church’s. I have found it very maturing to spread out and reach out! -Blessings, Amy

  2. Lisa McLeod says:

    I love this thought Rachel. Our home is a place where we warmly welcome all who come through the door. Our churches are representations of God’s home. I think that we should enter God’s Eartly homes with reverence awe and wonder at the marvelous works He carries out here on Earth.

    1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

      Great comparison! I thought little Tarah was on to something. 😉 Blessings to you.

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