The Ultimate Christmas To-Do List

Mary DeMuth has given me the privilege of guest posting for her again today. How cool is that?!

So here’s  a teaser…make sure you stop by her place to read the entire post and thanks for reading!!

The smell of hot cocoa and burnt sugar with a twist of mint wafts through the air as the kitchen fills with the scents of Christmas.

Cinnamon bears and gingerbread men line the cooling racks. They eagerly await for their turn to be packaged in gift bundles for the enjoyment of teachers, mailmen, and military personnel. (Oops, that one with the broken arm HAS to be eaten right away. We can’t give a broken gift!)


Mary DeMuth

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  1. I love your posts because they are honest and real. I would be honored if you would guest blog at my blog “Reflect”.

    1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

      Thanks so much for the request! I’ve sent you an email response!

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