The Light Bible Reading Challenge Week 2 Summary

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Hey there and welcome to the Light Bible reading challenge week 2 summary! If this is your first time here, then each month I host a Bible reading plan and journal challenge for our community. Each week I post a summary of the previous week of verses, so this post is just that. I pray that each day you spend quiet time with God and His Word, you are embracing the light it gives and learning how to live in God’s heavenly truth. Let’s review the verses for last week, ok?

 Job 12:13-25

?There is no darkness so dark that our God can’t bring it to the light. ?No life too lost, no hurts too painful, no sorrows too saturating that He, the Light of the world, cannot heal. ?His light floods souls with hope and fills hearts with love! 

I pray you’re experiencing it today.

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Psalm 19:1-10

When the darkness of this world feels overwhelming, God’s Word lights my path. What is light? Light is living in God’s heavenly truth. That the baby who was born in a stable and lie in a manger was more than a baby. He was and is the Son of God Who came to bring light into the world. His word continues to illuminate our path today! That thought should make for a marvelous Monday! 

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Proverbs 4:13-19

Father, help me make choices today through your Spirit. Give me the discernment that sheds light in dark places. Help me love as you would love and lead as you would lead. I’ll praise you for it.Amen. 

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Isaiah 5:16-21

I don’t anticipate today’s daily bible verse will get tons of likes or hearts. Because turth sometimes pokes us in the heart and other times punches us in the gut, depending on how closetly we are living in step with the Holy Spirit. this month is all about LIGHT.






To have a truth, one must have  a standard by which we measure, right? God has graciously given us the standard by which to live. His Spirit speaks truth to our hearts through His Word. Use the standard of God’s Word and the gift of discernment through the Spirit and you will be walking in light!

Make it a great day knowing that you are empowered to break through any darkness that comes your way!

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Isaiah 58:1-8

Then. Today’s passage sheds light on my heart. Yours too perhaps? It’s easy to say we want to be close to God and yet we overlook the opportunities he places right in front of us. 

Father, let your truth flood into my soul this morning. I long for discernment and healing from you. Help me, Jesus, to be your hands and feet this day. 

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Isaiah 58:9-14

There’s someone who needs a glimmer of hope and you’re the one to bring it. Happy Friday! 

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Proverbs 20:22-27

“The Lord’s light penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive.”NLT 

Lord, let your light flood my heart today. Open my eyes to anything that is not purely for you. Help me live in your light today. Amen. 

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Luke 11:33-36

Is your journey well-lit today? If not,maybe your lamp is under a basket? ?#hideitunderabushelno #thelightjournal #biblereadingplan #dailybible

Thank you for being a part of this Bible reading challenge. I’m so thankful for God’s Word as our daily bread. Let’s keep working our way through this Bible reading plan! 

By his grace,


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  1. I really needed this today. My husband and I have hit some hard time. So I feel God has sent me an Angel. Thank you and God bless.

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