The First of Many “Matt In Malawi” Stories

Yesterday my man returned from his mission trip to Malawi.  With many stories, tons of video coverage, and loads of photos, we spent most of the day yesterday and continue today sharing all he experienced.

I’m on overload, he’s on overload, but you know what?

Jesus is never on overload.

This is just the first of many stories, and while I’m not starting chronologically, this is the story that is bursting through my veins with awe of how much God loves us.

Matt had the opportunity to sing, share his testimony, preach and just be the hands and feet of Jesus to many of the village people.  At one point during the week, he told part of our family’s story.  He explained to them how our Taylor has MPS, an incurable disease, and that even though we live in the USA, we are in the same boat as many of them.

The boat that holds family members with terminal illness, with little to no hope for a cure this side of Heaven.

I can imagine the tears that flowed down his face as he attempted to relate to these sweet people in a way that perhaps no one else on the team could.

Several days later, one of the interpreters, who is also a dedicated worker for the Passion Center, came to my husband and asked for more details about our Taylor and MPS.  He then told Matt:

“I will be praying for Taylor.” 

I am ever so humbled to think about this man, on the other side of the world, who is making a huge difference in his community, working with those who have no providers in their homes- the widows, and he’s committed to praying…for my precious girl.

His words resonate with me.

To think about God’s power in the details-

orchestrating this single event to reveal how every individual life has the potential to bring Him glory when we make ourselves available to do His will.

The question is: How are we making ourselves available?


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  1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

    Blessings to you, my friend Amy.

  2. Hey Girl, A lovely post as usual and even an insightful question at the end! I am making myself available to Him simply by seeking Him, with all of my heart, today! I’m so excited to see what He is going to do next! I want to live in passionate, thankful obedience to this great God we serve! -Blessings for you girl, Amy

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