Talking Quiet Time

One of the reasons I love blogging is because of all the wonderful people God crosses paths with mine. People I might not get to meet otherwise.  They live in other states…or even other countries, at times.

My friend, Gina, writes with me on the contributing team at RooMag.  She has an awesome blog, Keepin’ It Real, where she gives encouragement for all seasons of life.

Today I’m honored to be a part of her Quiet Time Series, where she’s hosting some incredible women, all talking about having quiet time with the Lord.  Gina has given me the privilege of posting over there and I hope you will stop by and take a peek at how I try to spend my daily quiet time, in the middle of a hustling, bustling houseful of kids.

O sacred is the hour when all children are still sweetly dreaming in their beds and the morning sun is just beginning to reveal its brilliant hues.

Wait, what time is it? Oh yeah. 4 am.
I don’t know about you, but in our hustling bustling house of 9 family members and sometimes a nurse, quiet time isn’t, well, QUIET.  No matter how early the hour or late the night, the odds of interruption are pretty high.  In fact, if it were the lottery, everyone would play. 😉
So how do you have quiet time when there’s little quiet to be had? 
CLICK HERE to finish reading at Gina’s. 🙂