Writing for RooMag Today…

Morning ya’ll.  I’ve been singing Mandisa’s Good Morning song since Saturday morning Women of Faith.

You should try it, extremely contagious. 🙂

Today I have the privilege of writing for Candace Cameron Bure’s ezine, Roomag.

Love the contributing team over there!

The beginning of my article there begins a little like this:

Raindrops were whisked away by the windshield wipers and swished off the sides of the van. Once at the airport, the rain continued and I wondered at its duration.  My flight was due to take off soon and still the rain came down in sheets.  I stared out the large windows in wonder of God’s creation of the elements.  Seeming gray and dismal, the thought never occurred to me that the forecast would be any different for the remainder of the day but…

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