Sweet n Salty- That’s Mother’s Day

Ok, so I’m a huge fan of sweet n salty snacks.  Can devour a bag of chocolate Chex mix like no other. (Can we say “Made to Crave?” )  But Mother’s Day! Does it have to be sweet and salty?

Sweet because I spent a wonderful morning with two precious girls.

Salty because one decided to paint with her poop.

Sweet because I had the best Mom in the world.

Salty because she’s in heaven and I miss her dearly.

Sweet because I have the best mother-in-law.

Salty because she lives in another city and we don’t get to spend near enough time together.

Sweet because I get to be stepmom to the smartest, most beautiful stepdaughter.

Salty because she has grown up way too fast.

Sweet because I am mom to the seven most wonderful kids in the world.

Salty because one of them has a terminal illness and short life expectancy.

So we can stare at the salty all day long. Wish we could wash it away with water.  Wish that things were different.  Wish that God had another plan.


we can enjoy every moment of every day

and savor the mix. 

Without the salty, the sweet just wouldn’t be as sweet.


  1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

    I get ya, Girl. He’s working on me, too. Thanks for your comment; have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  2. Painting with poop…sounds like the next big thing!! 😉

    I totally have the sweet and salty thing going…being half a world away from all our family is a biggie….but the sweets are so very sweet. I struggle sometimes to fully enjoy them, but He’s working in me. 🙂

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