Special Announcement : Heard of RooMag?

Well, have you?  Because if you haven’t, you should!

Serving as an inspiring and encouraging resource, RooMag seeks to minister to women, upholding family values and pursuing passionate lives.  At the helm is Candace Cameron Bure, Actress and New York Times’ Bestselling Author.  Her desire in the work of this online community is to minister to women and encourage strength AND femininity. Leading the way in this awesome endeavor are Clare Smith, Ruth Schwenk, and Courtney, all three women who pursue excellence.

RooMag is all things women! With articles pertaining to home, family, wife, health, fitness, and life, this blog is destined to provide a wealth of information for women on various walks of life.  The expertise of the contributors for this site is vast and professional and I trust you will check them out right HERE.

But wait! Before you do, I have some exciting news!  RooMag has provided the opportunity for yours truly (yep, that’s me!) to join this list of contributors.  Incredible or what? I’ll keep you informed as to when my first post will be released…but for now, here’s a little hint:

I have the privilege and honor to write about life with special needs children.  

So who’s ready for a good cry and laugh all in the same five minutes? 🙂

Stay tuned!

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    1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

      Thanks, Erica! 😉

  1. Hi Rachel, that’s awesome that you are getting such an opportunity! May God bless this new open door for you! I will definitely check out the site too! -many blessings, Amy

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