Scheduling Time with God

schedule time with God

It’s check-in day!! For those of you reading along in our #bibleinayear Bible Reading Challenge, we’re checking in on Friday to just say “I’m still reading” or “I had to take a break but I’m catching up.”  Mostly we just want to encourage one another to stay in God’s Word and draw closer in relationship with Him.  So comments are open! I have to tell you that I believe the weekends have been the hardest for me.  I haven’t mastered a plan just yet due to our busy household (my tribe in the side column, in case you missed it. 😉 ) But I have been stubborn  determined to keep on and have been so very blessed by God and all of you!

time with God

Scheduling time with God is one of those subjects that many Christians really want to master, but because we are human, it simply gets tough. Busyness takes over and we allow it to be an excuse. Much of the scheduling is just like anything else- how badly do we really WANT to do it?  And I’ve found that if I really desire to have the time to do something badly enough, then I find time to do it.

Time management in general must be considered on an individual basis because we are all individual people. But to get our thoughts moving in the right direction for wise time usage, here are three practical tips for scheduling your time with God.

1.Be at your best when you have time with God.

If you are morning person who wakes up refreshed and ready to go, then that is when you are prepared to give God your best time.  And if you are a night owl who wakes up at 10 pm, then your best time to give to God would be 10 pm. Maybe you are neither and high noon is your best time to give God.  You know yourself- what time of day are you most awake and fully engaged? I can honestly tell you that I enjoy mornings, but I’m not at my very best right away.  So I pray as soon as I wake up, but I don’t typically read my Bible until I’ve been awake about an hour or so.

2. Be sure to give God isolated time every day.

I love my husband like crazy. We text each other and talk to each other as much as we can each day. But we have a busy household and not all of our communication can occur in the midst of caring for our family.  We need time for just the two of us.  The same is true for our time with God.  If we really love Him, we will be praying and listening to Him throughout our day.  But real relationship with Him needs time for just the two of us.

3. Be still when you are having time with God.

Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! Psalm 56:10

Give God your mind, heart, spirit, every ounce of your being when you are with Him.  Let the distractions of the world fade into the background.  Perhaps you have a favorite place to quiet your heart and mind and simply be still before the Creator.  He loves you and wants to commune with you!

What tips do you have for having quiet time with God?

I’d love to read them in the comments below.

Today I’ve written a post, 4 Ways to Freshen Your Spiritual Wardrobe at The Better Mom.  (link live Friday morning!) Sure hope you’ll stop by!

And don’t forget to check in Bible challenge readers! I’m looking for ya! 🙂 Have a great day!

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  1. Heather H says:

    When I first saw your post of reading the bible in a year, I knew I wanted to take the challenge! Unfortunately for me, I thought I would get too confused reading four different books at the same time, so I found a different schedule for reading the bible in a year, starting with the old testament. I am currently a few days ahead of my schedule, and have been loving reading my bible each day! I have yet to get a schedule down, but I know it is something I need to do! Thank you for this post and for the encouragement. God bless!

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