A Prayer for Monday

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blue Mondays

Oh that day of the week dreaded by many- Monday.

She is punctual in every way from her timing to her delivery. Her sneaky psyche and mundane methodology slay people from all walks of life.

Monday doesn’t have to be dreaded! After all, it’s another day God has graciously given us to live and breathe.

But I’ll be honest- I’m not in love with Mondays. They mean responsibility awaits with a stronger regime than the weekend schedule.

So I decided to write a prayer for Monday. One that we can all use time and time again to help us remember that God created every day of the week- yes, even Monday.

A Prayer for Monday

Dear Father,

The weekend has passed

and I’m incredibly thankful for the rest You provided.

Whether busy or resting,

You refresh my soul. You are so good.

Help me remember that time with You

propels my spirit forward.

And especially tomorrow-

It’s Monday, Lord.

Your Word tells us there is a time for everything;

But Mondays are tough- just getting back to the grind.

Will You provide the mindset that every good gift is from You?

May I remember that Mondays are part of the gift of life.

And may I embrace the day for all the opportunities You have for me,

Because I know that all things work together for good

For those who love you.

And I love you, Jesus.


prayer for Monday


It’s our first check-in day, Bible Challenge Readers! How in the world are you doing? I do so want to hear! Be sure to leave a comment, large or small and we can all keep one another encouraged!

See you tomorrow!



  1. Kim Berry says:

    I just started today in reading the following verse ,,,,and we serve and awesome God

  2. Erin McCormick says:

    I am a day behind right now. This is my first time to read the bible like this, and so far it’s been great. Just trying to make sure I carve out this personal time for myself everyday and make it a priority.

  3. Jennifer Comeau says:

    Right now I’m behind, but mostly because I have started back up with college. Hope to get caught up today or tomorrow!

  4. I’m on schedule so far. I have been reading through the Bible for 3 years now and I have always gotten behind. I keep reading but I don’t think I have gotten through it yet. I am determined this time. I am enjoying this schedule maybe it’s why I have fallen behind. I just didn’t like the schedule I was following.

    1. I think this schedule is really great when you get to those tough books, like Leviticus. lol

  5. I’m a day behind, but still going strong on my Bible reading! Thanks for the accountability!

  6. So far I am doing good with the reading plan except today woke up too late this morning so I am going to read the plan for today tonight. The weather here in MI has been very cold. Schools are closed again tomorrow because of the wind chill advisory, and the wind is blowing snow all over the place. So I have stayed inside to keep warm, and watched Joyce Meyer’s for most of the day.

  7. I’m altering the reading plan a little bit, but on schedule. Staying warm while running errands was a challenge but since I know my older doesn’t have heat in his car, I was especially grateful that I do have a heater today.

  8. Melanie Tindale says:

    I somehow didn’t realize that Jan 1 was Jan 1, and missed reading on the first day, but made it up on day 2 and have been on track since then! I’m really looking forward to meeting this goal – I’ve tried before and fizzled out in the springtime. Love this plan, though. Jumping from book to book each day mixes it up!

  9. I am using my IPhone App so it is super easy to stay on track so far. I try to do my reading first thing in the morning. If for some reason, I did not finish or get to it, I have it with me to read anytime I am in a waiting mode. Instead of checking social media, I am doing my reading first. So thankful to be part of this group!

  10. happy Monday everyone, be blessed and enjoy all gifts from our Lord.

  11. Thank you for this check-in. I am staying on schedule with the plan so far, and I am really enjoying it. 🙂

  12. Christina says:

    Im one day behind. But I am So Enjoying Reading Gods word and making double sure I spend as much time as I can in his word. God Bless and Prayers for those in bad weather.

  13. The plan I was on last year wasn’t to be completed until today & try as I might it just wasn’t working to combine them. So, I finished old plan off Saturday & caught up on this one yesterday & today. I’m so excited to have finished one and start a new one. Thank you! And your Monday prayer was on Pinterest last night so I got to start my Monday off right. Thanks again.

  14. I’m on schedule with my the plan:-) I wake up looking forward to my readings, I pray and then get started with the readings, I try to accomplish this before the littles wake up and before I check any social media or turn on the TV. Going well thus far!!

  15. As crazy as my life has become in the last week, I have carved out this quiet time with God’s word to strengthen me and focus me on His truths. With that said, I am on track and blessed to be a part of this group digging into God’s promises daily.

  16. Linda in Maryville says:

    I am on schedule! Praise God. Refreshing me each day and keeping me focused throughout the day and week.

  17. Mary Lynn says:

    I have the reading plan scheduled on my phone/ipad this time around.
    Unfortunately, the new year had us traveling and home to an ever evasive routine – (no school today due to the frigid temps- likely none for tomorrow, too).
    So I am a few days behind. Sleeping kids this am so I plan to refill my coffee cup and enjoy a few extra minutes of quiet reading alone.

  18. Catriona Brinkley says:

    Hi. All going okay with me so far! Although I did get carried away and read five Chapters of Ezra on the first day which was a surprise. Happy New Year!!!

  19. Denise Skinner says:

    On schedule with the reading plan I am doing, but life’s busyness increases this week with church activities that I am involved in and work settles back into a routine. A blessing is that my son, home from college has joined me the reading plan so that is a delight.

  20. Good morning and happy Monday Rachel! As always, a perfectly timed prayer…praying it to start my quiet time this morning! Very excited to be up early enough for some time with Jesus!
    Reading Luke…and loving every minute of it! Going to stick with one book at a time. It gives me more of a chance to really hear what God is saying! God bless!

  21. On schedule and enjoying reading the Word :)) I’m so happy so many are reading. God is good!

  22. Evelyn T. says:

    I am sure we are all dealing with some frigid weather! So, if you are, I will pray for safety and warmth! Unfortunately, I am behind. This is no excuse but I have two small active boys (who are going stir-crazy!) and it has been a COLD weekend/week of undecorating and getting back to normal. I look forward to a new week and digging into Gods wonderful WORD!!

    Praise His Name!!

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