A Prayer for Christmas Day

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A Prayer for Christmas Day

Dear Father,

It’s Christmas and
We humbly kneel close to the stable,
Listening to the low rustling of hooves in hay.
Our breath is snatched up
By the sight of the Christ child
Lying in a manger.
Basking in the light of the glorious star,
We stand in awe and wonder.
No room?
How could it be!
Yet while we try to understand
The inn with no space for God’s Son,
The rooms of our very souls are overcrowded
And even the closets of our minds are outsourced.
Will You forgive us, Jesus,
for making no room
in the inns of our hearts?
May we focus this day on the ultimate gift-
Your love.
In the precious name of Jesus,
christmas prayer2

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  1. Rachel, as I often do I came back to read this prayer after one of the most wonderful Christmas Eves and Christmas Days I have ever experienced! It is hard to understand there was no room for God’s Son and how so many so close missed out on the babe in the manger that had come to save them even with a star so bright that the Magi could see it from afar. I wondered “what if I were there?” No way of knowing so I must put myself there not only during Advent but each day and know in my heart that I will not miss it. I will look to the star and seek the newborn King, our Lord and Savior. How humbling it is to think about how Jesus came to walk with us and the blessings He gave us as He lived and died for us, so that we may have life and a relationship with our Father God through Him….maybe I should have been journaling vs. commenting…sorry! Loved this prayer! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Love and prayers, Mary

  2. This is just beautiful, thank you for sharing. As for your site, I first saw your new header and thought “oh, is this the same site??” and then saw your note in the post – very exciting, it looks great so far! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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