Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
Untangling Life with Rachel Wojo
7 Ways to Pray for Your Children

Could you use a little reset on praying for your children? As summer slows and school begins, enjoy Rachel’s teaching on 7 ways to pray for your children for 7 days.

Use the easy-to-remember acrostic, PETITION, and pray with Rachel for 7 days plus a bonus way to pray!

Day 1- P- Pray first to confess your own sin- not your child’s.

Day 2- E- Earnestly seek God for His answer about the issue.

Day 3 – T- Take time to pray for your child in place of worry.

Day 4- I- Implore to God on behalf of your child. 

Day 5 – T- Tarry in your prayer.

Day 6 – I – Investigate your child’s feelings and pray over them.

Day 7 – O- Observe any changes you see and thank God for them.

BONUS- N-Never give up on praying for your child!


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Love,Pray, Listen by Mary Demuth

Praying for Your Kids from Head to Toe by Sharon Jaynes


  1. Minister Tammy Douglas says:

    Thank you! I am sharing this with parents and teachers!
    I am using this to pray for my grandchildren.

    Tammy Douglas

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