Perfect Peace Week 1 Summary

It was our first week of the topical Bible reading challenge! Need more peace in your life? Check out what we learned about peace!

Welcome to the Perfect Peace week 1 summary for the June Topical Bible reading challenge. The reading began on Monday, June 1st and wow- the passages have been incredibly thought-provoking. We’ll review the four passages we read this week up until today. Are you ready?

Psalm 29:1-11

Psalm 29 is a psalm with one repeating phrase. I would love to hear this beautiful song in the original Hebrew language in order to understand how this repetition played out. In English, the key phrase is “the voice of the Lord.” Isn’t it interesting that this chapter repeats that phrase and describes the voice with strong words of power and strength? Then the last verse declares that the same strength belonging to him is ours and because of HIS strength, we can have peace.

Romans 5:1-11

On this particular day of reading, after I read the last verse of the section, I re-read the first verse. Do you remember what your life was like before Christ? The turmoil within your soul and discontentment in your heart? We have peace with God because of Jesus. That thought brings such peace to me; that he loved us so much he gave himself for us.

Romans 5:1 #perfectpeace #onemorestep #biblereading
Psalm 37:10-19

This psalm is a song of anticipation, a psalm that looks ahead to the day when the enemy is vanquished. The psalmist gives us a hint of how to conduct ourselves if we truly seek peace–through meekness. You see, pride is the very thing that often prevents peace.

Peace in our hearts is not dependent on others’ actions; peace is a display of what it is in our hearts.

Psalm 37:11 #perfectpeace #onemorestep #biblereading
Proverbs 16:1-7

In our modern culture, peace and order are craved more than ever. Organization is often thought of as a way to make peace in our environments. We keep our day planners, record reminders in smartphones, and check off to-do lists. But the best way to carry peace in our hearts over the plans we make and schedules we create? Stay close to the Peacemaker.

Proverbs 16:7 #perfectpeace #biblereading #onemorestep

We’ve only just begun this series! Be sure to print or download your schedule and have a peaceful weekend!




  1. Teri Trimble says:

    Loving reading about peace!

  2. hello Rachel,
    I miss read the last one of the readings and read Proverbs 4 1-8. Oops! But it did speak so God has his ways! The verse that jumped out was

    v6 Do not forsake wisdom and she will protect you; love her and she will watch over you.

    Thank you for posting the readings. I have used them and have made a note of all those verses. It’s good to look back over them. Thank you and God bless, Alison

  3. Love this reading plan, Rachel! I need all the peace I can get with summer vacation starting today for my boys 🙂

  4. I use your Scripture reading at night just as I go to bed. I find it so comforting to claim these verses.

  5. The prayer for the restless is perfect for how I’m feeling lately – lik there’s some change coming but I have t be patien first.
    Thank you!

  6. Kimberly B. says:

    LOVE being a part of this! I’m using my journal to write specific verses that are speaking to me & then journaling what God is saying to me through each verse. What a HUGE difference this is making in starting my day AND surviving it 🙂 My take this week is to Trust Him & Surrender to Him.

  7. I’m loving these readings for the month! A great peace washed over me!
    I especially needed today’s (Psalm 4:1-8) because my morning started out rough and full of questions.
    I quickly found today’s reading, not only for the logos, but also for my rhema word!
    I needed be to be reminded of the gladness that He put into my heart.

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