The Perfect Bible Journaling Case

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When I returned from my trip, my sweet friend, Regina, brought a little goodie to church with her that I just had to share with you- the perfect Bible journaling supply case! I really wish I had this case BEFORE I went on that trip.

For those of you looking for the Friday Bible reading challenge summary post, we only had 2 days of the Bible reading challenge under our belts this week, so I opted to hold those to next week’s summary. I received  emails from quite a few of you saying “I missed the Bible reading challenge summary!” My apologies for not letting you know in advance! 

Summer is upon us! WOW- the last two weeks have absolutely flown by for me. Two weeks ago, I traveled to Dallas and on the way, I chose to pack my Bible journaling supplies along in my carry on. Arriving early at the airport, I moved through the lines quickly, taking a few minutes to savor my coffee and Bible reading.

Time to go through security. No problem, right? Ahem. I made it through the security scan just fine, but my bag did not. When it was finally my turn at the x-ray machine with security, the man asked if I had any sharp objects in my bag. Um… no. “Are you sure?” Well, I was pretty sure. Then he demanded “What’s in there then?” And he started to peruse the bag, thumbing through my journaling Bible, books, etc. I replied, “Well, pens and pencils. Books.” Ahh! The pointed colored pencils were the culprit. And he gave me a smile, packed up the bag and said “You’re good to go. Have a nice day.”

So the Bible journaling chic got stopped in security for pencils. Ya’ll be careful out there with those supplies for heaven’s sake!

The Perfect Bible Journaling Case

When I returned from my trip, my sweet friend, Regina, brought a little goodie to church with her that I just had to share with you- the perfect Bible journaling supply case! I really wish I had this case BEFORE I went on that trip. And because I know many of you will be doing a little travel of some sort, whether by car, motorcycle, minivan, or airplane, this bag is absolutely fabulous to pack your Bible journaling supplies along. Take a peek!


On the right side, I slide in my entire tin of 48 Prismacolor pencils (my favorite colored pencils!). This photo shows the tin open, but I actually placed the lid on and slid it under the Bible. This case fits one Bible in the same pocket with the pencils. In the photo above, you’ll see the Inspire Bible, but I also tried this pocket with the pencils and my favorite Bible journaling Bible, the HCSB Notetaking Bible, for a perfect fit! (Side note: a beautiful purple linen edition of this Bible releases July 1, 2016!)

IMG_4105On the left side, I slipped my basic essentials favorites:


Once all the supplies were in the bag, I wanted you to see how perfectly it all fits and how everything is well-protected. Isn’t it so cool?


Then you zip it all up and go on your merry way! Pretty awesome, yes?

Once I found the perfect Bible journaling case, I knew I had to share it with you! So many thanks to my friend, Regina, for sharing this jewel with me!

I thought you might like to see the other styles:

8161297A 8161292A

Yes, you can even personalize your case if you’d like!

Be sure to select to have this case shipped directly to you if you should choose to order.

Also, Thirty-One Gifts will not ship outside the US or Canada, except if it is a military address.

Bible Journaling Workshops

Some of you have been asking about Bible journaling workshops. I’ve added a few dates in the left sidebar calendar. If you’d like more detailed information, please feel fire your questions using the contact tab just below the blog header.

Happy Bible journaling! and best wishes on safe, smooth sailing through security!

By his grace,


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  1. Julia Webster says:

    I need a tin case for my colored pencils but I don’t want to get new Prismacolor pencils… Any suggestions?

    1. Sorry- Julia. I don’t have a suggestion at present, but maybe another of our readers will?

  2. Happy to elaborate, Emily.
    A sewn text block is made up of a series of bundles of pages folded in half called signatures. The signatures can be sewn together through the fold in various ways. Alternatively, a book may be made of single sheets and glued together like a pad of paper. Both ways the spine is usually flat in personal Bibles. Either way, the joining of the spine is not made to hold the weight of the pages, but just to keep them snuggly together.

    Whether the Bible is put in the case spine-up or spine-down, the spine is deformed by sagging or rounding. Sagging, rounding, gravity with the weight of the text block – all exert extra tension on the binding, whether sewn or adhesive, and the binding is already snug to start with. The extra tension causes thread to cut through and tear the pages loose or causes hot glue adhesive to crack or stretch. Often only a hair’s breath of the edge of the paper is caught in the glue so it can easily pull loose.

    Hope this helps you visualize what is happening and why using a case by the handle can damage your Bible. Solution = don’t use the handle. Just cradle the case in your arm.

  3. I found my case at TJ Max for 12.99! It is a Laura Ashley and holds my 36 tin of colors and all that I need. I will have to keep the pencils in mine when I travel at airports. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. The carrier I have used for about 10/12 years is zippered with the spine of the Bible carried at the bottom of the case, handle on top with pages closed and zipped in. The spine of the Bible has given out and the maps at back are loose. I wondered why… I see my error. Thank you, be, for this information. I am glad to know this detail so I do not repeat the error, even though I am not a Bible journaling person.

  5. As a bookbinder, I restore well-loved Bibles when they have suffered damage of various sorts. Often the damage is due to using just such cases as in your article. It’s not that something to keep everything organized is a bad thing. The case itself when cradled in your arm is very protective. It’s carrying it by that handle that is damaging. Over time it will cause the spine of your Bible to break. Depending on the way your Bible has been bound (sewn or glued) the damage can be minor to falling apart. So, if you elect to use a case please do not carry it by the handle if you plan to keep your Bible longterm. If you replace it every few years it is not so much an issue.

    1. Emily Ruebsamem says:

      Can you, please explain how carrying by the handle can damage the Bble. Please don’t think I am contesting your remarks, but would really like to know. Would be interesting to know and understand…

      I have my Mom’s Bible, she passed away 20 years ago…


      1. Julia Webster says:

        Cases can damage bibles because the bible is typically held in the case by its cover pages and after a while they will start to pull on the binding of the book. Ive almost lost my cover but I have lots of duct tape in my bible (going on year 6… maybe)

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