Of Children and Mice (So glad it wasn’t lice…)

Merry Christmas! This year our family decided to do something a little different in place of our Christmas photo card. In our decision to be more conscientious about helping others truly in need, I’m posting our family photo and news right here on the blog. This is saving printing, paper and postage, which adds up these days, and with that money, we bought two chickens.

Seriously, we bought two chickens. Wish it could have been more. You see there are just so many needs all over the world that here, in our American culture, we simply ignore. I want my children to get a small glimpse of just how much 2 chickens mean to a little family of four who have nothing. There are some other ways we are learning to give, but this was just one little means I could figure. So I hope you don’t miss your paper card too much. 😉  This was made possible through World Vision. Hope you’ll check them out!

What a blessed year it has been for our family! So many opportunities and blessings have come our way. One of which was our first mouse in the house. He didn’t survive our warrior papa long though. So we won’t give him much time and move on to our children.

A junior at Ohio State now, Tiffany transferred from Cedarville University in the fall and has been working so hard on her education and finances. We are extremely proud of her tenacity and pursuit of her dream of a career in the medical field.




Taylor is now in 8th grade and has an adapted school day, as she has for several years. She is in school for about four hours a day and enjoys her time with Mr. Guy, Mr. Jeremiah and the other students. This year marks Taylor’s first bout with pneumonia, but she is holding strong this winter.






Our fourth grader,Michael, is maturing with each day. He enjoys video games but is also a great reader and flies through writing assignments. He is a fantastic story teller and is ready for Upward Basketball to gear up!



Our little gymnast, Tristina, is always jumping and flipping around the house. She loves school and is a fantastic reader. A girlie girl who loves to compete with the boys, she too is playing basketball beginning in Jan.





Samuel has really taken off this year in school and he is loved by his classmates and teachers. For a first grader, he is an ever-thinking kid and loves to logic his way through puzzles and games. Sam-sam often makes us laugh, one of his mini-Matt traits.   He is headed to Upward in a week or so also. 🙂





Sweet T- Tarah- stays home to help Mommy with Baby Tessa. For such a toddler, she is a little smartie pants. She loves to talk to Taylor and play in her room. She also loves pretty dresses and being a “princess.”


Our newest addition on April 5, 2011 is Baby Tessa, and she is getting spoiled by everyone. Her precious smile and petite stature make us all bid her every whim. She is refusing to stay a baby very long, crawling and climbing all over the house, and standing on her own.




As usual, we are super busy with  Matt’s work at Riverside as an orthopedic nurse practitioner, sports, church, and my piano students.  Matt sings on the worship team and choir weekly as he has done for the last 15 years.   The blog has really kicked off towards the end of this year and with the release of my first e-book, “12 Days of Christmas for the hurting,” God has used our family to reach others.  For this we are ever so thankful.

2012 holds a huge new opportunity for Matt, as he heads to minister at an orphanage in Malawi.  Please pray for all of us! You can read all about that right HERE.

Merry Christmas to you all! Thanks for your love, support and prayers.

The Woj Tribe

Matt, Rachel, Tiffany, Taylor, Michael, Tristina, Samuel, Tarah & Tessa


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  1. Melanie Dusseau says:

    Beautiful Christmas Card! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful update! That pic of Tarah reminds me of your mom. She has her smile and the light in her eyes! Miss you!

    1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

      Awww. She does, you’re right! 🙂 Miss you too.

  3. I love your Christmas update! I am so thankful God has blessed me to get to know you this year. I hope you and your family have a VERY Merry Christmas!

    1. Rachel Wojnarowski says:

      Thanks Girl! Looking forward to spending some time together next month!

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